Fire hazard in natural Antwerpse Kempen and Limburg is scaled up to ‘extremely high’

Since this morning applies to code red or ‘extremely high risk’ for fires in the natural areas in the Antwerpse Kempen and the province of Limburg.

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Nature and Forest agency has from Sunday morning code red or ‘extremely high risk’ for fire in natural areas in the Antwerpse Kempen and the province of Limburg set up. Saturday, when it was still code orange, or high risk of was in force, was already on the nick of time, says the spokeswoman.

By the very dry condition of the vegetation the fire is now scaled up. “After consultation with the fire department we have moved to code red,” said spokeswoman Griet Buysse. Saturday there were scattered small fires close to the nature.

There is now increased vigilance, more patrols and checks by the fire service and the agency. The brandtorens remain staffed. “There is continuous monitoring.’

‘Do not leave children unattended’

The agency ontraadt the people also to go for a walk in brandgevoelig nature such as meadows. A prohibition is not there, says Brill Buysse.

On the website, clarified the Nature and Forest Agency is still at Code red fire department and administrators to be very vigilant because it is extremely dry and inflammable in nature. “If there is a fire, rips the fire department always out with large equipment. There is extra equipment and manpower deployed.’

The Service of emergency Planning of the province of Antwerp points out via Twitter that the access to the nature reserves it is not recommended. Who still goes walking, the smoke – and vuurverbod respect. ‘Do not leave children without supervision.’

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