Fire brigade Portugal fights seventeen new fires

Fire brigade Portugal fights seventeen new fires

The fire brigade in Portugal fights since Sunday, new fires. A month ago, in the country 64 people were killed as a result of devastating fires.

Two thousand firefighters have been deployed to seventeen large fires to extinguish, reported the Portuguese newspaper Observador.

Severely affected are the regions of Castelo Branco and Coimbra, where eucalyptus forests are on fire. In the region of Santarém are residents of three villages as a precaution evacuated.

Last week the parliament in Lisbon decided that the cultivation of the highly flammable eucalyptus trees in the future to reduce. The central government responds to the large fires of June.

Most of the 64 fatalities, then came to in their car when they tried the fire escape. Environmentalists argued already for the restoration of the forests in the especially in the summer very hot and dry country.

The eucalyptus tree is in Portugal an important ingredient of the pulp and paper industry. The oil-rich leaves to grasp, however, be easily flame.

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