Finals world cup rugby, and also the resurrection of the essence of England

In england it is Saturday, are the top favourites for the world cup of rugby in Japan is to be won. Four years ago, there was a Red Rose, ” as the host member state shall be eliminated in the group stage. How can one cases, and only power back up.

Ask any rugbyfan who is a world champion may be in his own country, and the title does not catch, and there is a big chance that with a smile, “Anyone but England” (All except the united kingdom) have replied to you. This is one of my favorite supportersliederen of Wales, and As Long As We Beat the English as Long as we do the English, but beat it).

In england in the rugby, and what Ajax is, it is in the essence to the success, and the often arrogant attitudes. It doesn’t help that a lot of Brits can’t leave it up to the rest of the world, all the time remember that the game in England has been re-invented. England has the reputation to be arrogant, condescending and full of hubris to it.

The current Dutch national team coach Eddie Jones has been in his tenure in 2015, it is good to know that he is in an unpopular team to gather. “Britain has with any country, however, non-rivalry, because of its long history. Especially when the fans will turn quickly into hatred, you can feel it every time,” said the Australian coach, agreed.

One of the important reasons for the deep-seated hatred, it is that rugby union is very popular in the British commonwealth, where it is the sport of the British Empire) was introduced. In south Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, as a former colony has a sensitive history with great Britain, while the other nations of the British isles (Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, has always been suppressed, have been due to the then-dominant England.

Add to that the historic love-hate relationship with France, and the falklands / malvinas war against Argentina in 1982, and every fan of the so-called “Tier-One “Nation” (the best of rugbylanden) has to be a reason for the uk to hate it. That hatred is beyond true, it is the sporting aspect of it, but theres also.

The English players are watching with a grin as the haka of New Zealand and, prior to the semi-finals. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Humiliation at the world cup in their own country

The gloating out of England and has, therefore, no boundaries, and when England, in september 2015, with the biggest humiliation in the rugbygeschiedenis in the sky. In the ‘group of death’ of the world cup in their own country, lose the ‘Red Rose’ the first sip of Wales (25-28), and then a week later, completely afgeschminkt in Australia (13-33). For the first time in its history, continues to be the host stuck in the round-robin group stage.

The Rugby Football Union, the English rugby association, the team, after the big tournament, and that the rudder is to be used. Head coach Stuart Lancaster will thank you for it, more or less, of services rendered and to be replaced by Eddie Jones, who is at the same world CHAMPIONSHIPS, the performance by the japanese.

Jones will get the start, and it is very hard in its selection process. The united kingdom, among the World a lot more stable, and more disciplined than themselves to play with. Before each match, consider the fact that the Australian coach will have a policy that pushes him to his players.

To buy, it is small, everything is different for the team. This is the reason why, for example, the most popular and flamboyant, but most especially by the unpredictable, fly-half Danny Cipriani is to systematically to be ignored in favor of Owen Farrell and George Ford. Also, Chris Robshaw, in 2015, it is still the captain, it loses its place.

A year after the disastrous world cup appears to be the approach of the firm to pay off. A ‘Grand Slam’ (all competitions, winning the prestigious 6 Nations tournament, won it, and a year later, the trophy for England.

In the meantime, Jones has grown to become the best coach England ever had. Under the leadership of the Australian win in England more than 78 percent of his games. Even the legendary Sir Clive Woodward, coach of England’s 2003 world champion was able to match it.

Head coach of England’s Eddie Jones, the mastermind behind the re-emergence of the fallen rugbygrootmacht. (Photo: Getty Images)

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The resurrection, crowned in Japan

The bright figures, and the occasional brilliant game under Jones ‘ care for the optimism prior to the global final tournament in France. In contrast, by 2015 Britain now has a relatively easy group. Tonga, United States of america and is a human right in Argentina, with ease, defeated in the final group competition in France, is cancelled because of typhoon Hagibis, and converted it into a proper tie.

Great britain, and marked the first in the group, and will be playing in the quarter-finals against Australia, which in 2015 will have a humiliating defeat and suffering. The progress under Jones, however, comes to the fore, and the English, the ‘Wallabies’ with a 40-16 won’t stand a chance.

In the semi-final, await the biggest test: reigning world champion New Zealand, which since 2007 is not a challenge anymore, lost in the world cup. In Yokohama, you know the superior ladies of All Blacks in the first few minutes are not what they are experiencing while they are caught off guard by a beautiful, aggressive, England. The opening sets the tone for the rest of the match, and England wins the striking, clean, 19-7, the triple world champion.

In a replay of the final battle of the 2007 and wait for a Saturday at 10: 00 a.m. (pacific time) as the last obstacle has been overcome in South Africa, which is a perfect score, is able to produce in a world cup final. In 1995, received the South African captain, Francois Pienaar, in his own country, and the cup from the hands of former president Nelson Mandela, twelve years later, in France’s defeat of the Springboks’ also in the uk.

In view of the historical performance would be in South Africa on Saturday at the International Stadium in Yokohama, is the favourite to be the ‘Bokke’ the gunfactor on their side. The game is England’s for the entire tournament and forces, however, are a different story. The title would be the English re-conquest of the dominion is complete, and Eddie Jones, in all likelihood, the knights provide.

England fans celebrate in the stands during the world cup of rugby in France. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

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