Finally, it would be strange to find out if the AZ players, the confidence is suddenly lost

A-Z-year-old He Finally stays quiet, and after the loss on Saturday against Willem II (1-3), and the second competitienederlaag in a row, the number two in the League. The Alkmaarders get it by Tuesday the chance to settle the score, because it will wait for a uitduel with TOP Oss, the netherlands in the eighth finals of the TOTO THE Cup.

“Well, I don’t like when the boys have become so mentally weak that they can, after a single defeat in the big game to start to doubt in themselves or in their mates. There is no reason for it,” said Lock, on Monday, according to the Independent on Sunday at a press conference

“We have, in fact, in the first half against Willem II and have played well in the practice game against KV Mechelen, in their training camp, trust is given. Therefore, it would be very strange if we were to suddenly have no self-esteem to to have. We don’t have players who are very fast with their self-esteem is lost. There must be something more to be done.”

AZ has lost a year ago in the final game before the winter break with a 3-0 Sparta, and gave the floor to the thuisduel with the striking of William II, in the second half of a 1-0-lead over the rest. The gap on the leader, Ajax, is, therefore, increased to six points.

Finally, it is not going to be on Tuesday the players a rest with an eye on the title. “I’ve said many times before: we are taking the cup very seriously,” said the coach. “There is no reason to change things. Ron Vlaar is the only question mark.”

AZ was against Willem II, with three goals in the final 25 minutes. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“It is often awesome results in the cup’

TOP-Oss, the netherlands had lost to a week ago, I saw 3-1 on the Young a-Z, but the present number is seventeen, from the Kitchen to the Champion Division and won on Friday, 3-2, from the leader of the SC Cambuur.

“Well, that is, in a nutshell, is the football to give to the unpredictable nature of it,” said Castle. “And in the past has also shown that there is in the cup, often with crazy results, and that the teams from the First Division to the Premier league clubs will be very difficult to be able to make it. It’s a cliché to say it, but you have to know that the cliches are true.”

TOP Oss at a-Z starts on Tuesday at 18: 30 hours and shall be subject to the supervision of the referee, Laurens Gerrets. The winner of the match in the netherlands in the quarter-finals against NAC Breda or PSV. Those two teams meet Thursday night.

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