“Final report Ruslandonderzoek at the earliest next week completed’

The U.s. department of Justice will not be finalised until next week to announce that the final report of Robert Muellers Ruslandonderzoek is completed, reports CNN the Wednesday on the basis of persons who are familiar with these plans.

The upcoming American attorney general, William Barr, will be available short after the Conference to inform with the help of a incurred by him / her summary of the report.

According to CNN, the precise moment of the publication continue to change. Also, it is still unclear which pieces are Barr exact to the Congress will send it.

The rumors that special prosecutor Mueller and his team are busy with the completion of the final report of the research of Russian interference in American politics have been going around for a while in Washington.

It is officially still not known when the report to Congress will be presented.

Report is in first instance not be made public

According to the legislation, the report will not initially be made public. The research ends up first on the desk of Barr. He will decide the extent to which the Congress about its conclusions is informed.

Also the White House can, in theory, the parts of the report that Trump will not be accepted under the pet keep, by to screens with presidential geheimhoudingsprivileges.

The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has already let you know the report public.

Trump deny any alleged cooperation with Russia

The assignment of Mueller limited to Russian interference in the elections. The prosecutor, however, has also the competence to other possible crimes which he in the course of his research come across to the relevant authorities.

So far, 34 people and three companies accused. A part of these individuals and companies has made a deal. Roger Stone, a lobbyist for the Republican y and been a long-time ally of Trump, was in January of this year, the last person to be in a state of accusation is asked.

At this moment there are no allegations against Trump made public. The president has always denied that there is cooperation with the Russians and talked rather about a “witch hunt” when talking about the Ruslandonderzoek went.

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Barr has supervision of work Mueller

Last week it was clear that Barr for the second time in his career, he is appointed as minister of Justice. The Senate voted on February 14, in with his appointment.

He gets as minister of Justice also oversees the work of Mueller. Barr has already said that this study is just passage will be found.


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