Filmreünie it was for the Downton Abbey actors are not the same thing as the series

Less than one-quarter of the usual length, but the same number of characters and plots. The speelfilmversie of Downton Abbey, in which family, Crawley and the staff get a visit from the king and the queen, took an approach different from that of the creators and the actors. In a conversation with to tell the cast about the reunion, and how that is different from the recording of the show.

“There will be less time for the story I would never be so engaged”, says Lesley Nicol, who is in Downton Abbey in the role of Mrs. Patmore is playing. “But once we were in, I began to realize, however, that this was the first time that everything went so fast. I found it hard to believe that we can be ready when the crew was shooting in it. “The feeling that we were just working on it.”

However, the gifts, the movies, the actors are more than they used to, says Michael Fox, who, ever since the first season, is seen as a keukenmedewerker Andrew Parker. “Below the line, we had more time, because the two hours were over, more draaiweken spread out than usual. In the tv series, it was often quickly packed up for the next scene, to keep everything in time.”

The actor explained that he already had the feeling that Downton Abbey is on a screen belonged to. “Julian Fellowes (the creator of the series ed.). I didn’t know if the creator of Gosford Park,” he explains, “the Oscar-winning thriller, that for the Fellowes’ inspiration for Downton Abbey. “Compared to that, I was given this series to have the feeling that the authors are just must be on television. As a movie, it looks like there is now a richer, more decadenter than ever before.”


Cast of Downton Abbey film is ‘a New season, it is too much of a good thing

The new lines for the new season

In the new film, rolls, for each character, new lines are out, similar to how a sixth season of its ground, it could have come from. However, the actors that is not going to happen. Robert James-Collier in Downton Abbey, and see butler, Thomas Barrow, he explains why.

“It’s very rare that we have the majority of the cast for six seasons and to have been able to keep up,” says the 42-year-old actor. “It can not be said. There you have it, five months of the year to get, while shooting for a film in nine weeks. This also makes it a lot easier to get everyone together to get it.”

Also, for Hugh Bonneville, in the role of a father in the house, Robert Crawley, is in a new season of ” a bridge too far. “This film felt like a family reunion,” says the 55-year-old actor. “That was great, but you don’t want to family reunion, which in years of time.”

“The idea is to get back in this way, it’s fine”, going to Bonneville continues. “But it’s too far away for us to tie in the new season. I think people are also realizing that we have over six years of age at the right time and from being stepped on. But I didn’t get to make it through a movie and then back to the search.”

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