Film about Leuven, the rock scene in the ’70s in premiere

Friday night is ‘The Leuven Scene in the premiere, the film of vzw Fonk about through memory lane of the Flemish rock and pop music.

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On the basis of archival footage and interviews with the prominent figures of that time – such as Big Bill, Luc Tegenbos and Raymond van het Groenewoud – the Leuven from the seventies again brought to life.

The film tells the story of the Leuven music scene from the end of the sixties until about 1982. “Discussed several well-known groups and musicians from that period, but also managers, concertorganisatoren, as well as the relationship between this scene and the nightlife and student life that each other in one way or another,” says Johan Van Schaeren, coordinator of the vzw Fonk and composer of the film.

So focuses the film more on the influence of the anglo-Saxon rock, pop and folk on the Flemish music, in which the evolution goes through from cabaret to rock. “With ‘Maria Maria’ of Raymond van het Groenewoud, who in 1972 in Leuven rehearsed with musicians from this region, there arises from this city a wave of Flemish rock and pop that in later decades elsewhere in Flanders resulted in groups such as the Kreuners and Gorky. In the seventies, there is clearly a phenomenon that is called the “Resident rock” with Leuven as the capital city,” says Van Schaeren.

The film will take place on Friday premiered at The Depot in Leuven. From the middle of november, he appears also on dvd. (Belga)

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