Filippa K and Monobi together in the sea for menswear based on umbrellas

The Swedish fashion label Filippa K and the Italian high-end brand Monobi bring together a menswear on the market. They were inspired by an umbrella: so simple that everybody gets it, and is made of beautiful natural materials and an ideal protection against the rain.

Filippa K X Monobi © GF

The capsulecollectie consists of kwaliteitsjassen and a sweater which also works as outerwear can be worn. The pieces are the result of Scandinavian design mixed with Italian craft and kwaliteitsstoffen. The items are simple, but very effective. They were made of the finest materials that protect against rain and wind.

The most striking item in the collection is an anorak, which is also worn inside out can be, and in that way attracts attention because of its silver color. Ideal for anyone who wants an eye-catching and effective raincoat looking for. The sweater in the range was made so that he also can be worn during a puny, cold day. Monobi is a pioneer in the field of stoffeninnovaties, and feel that and see you at this capsulecollectie.

The prijzensegment is slightly higher than in the classic Filippa K pieces. The collection will be available from 8 september.

The details, launching tomorrow. #monobixfilippak

A photo posted by Filippa K Man (@filippak_man) on 6 Sep 2016 10:52 PDT

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