Filemon Wesselink will follow the refugees into the new program

Filemon Wesselink is going to BNNVARA a new program in which twelve of the refugees, that because of the war and the violence in their country, they left the country. In the Endless Talent of the presenter’s view of how these twelve people trying to get in the Netherlands for a new life and build their dream career is to be found.

The program allows you to see how the refugees are in talks with potential companies for an internship and finding out what they need to do in order to find a job that suits them best.

“It is extraordinary wretched that the participants of the Boundless Talent of all experience,” says Wesselink about the new program. “However, I do think, however, that the problem is that they can often be seen as victims, they are, above all, people with a lot of potential.”

Wesselink, discovered during the shoot that, “”the fugitive,” where are we on the other hand, it doesn’t exist”. “They’re all very different types of people with many different backgrounds and have different skills and talents.”

Unlimited Talent will be on show from 22nd of August at 21: 30 in BNNVARA on NPO3.

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