Filemon Wesselink is not afraid to fail

Filemon Wesselink is not afraid to fail

Filemon Wesselink says not to be afraid that his success will ever stop. “I’m not awake of. This used to be different.”

“Now I think of: if I don’t have more success with a book, tv programmes, then I must go and what to do differently what I like and where I can apply with my perseverance.”

The 38-year-old presenter has for a long time not thinking about his fame and what that has done. “Especially thanks to Fuck Me, I’m Famous, I have now insight in received,” he says about his program from 2015. He has also a psychologist visited. “And that has led to the fact that I known are easier am going to accept, and especially the relativity of success have to learn to accept.”

Wesselink would be in a kickboksgala record against fellow Ajouad El Miloudi. For the program Filemon Beats By trained the two makers a half years.


Wesselink is not love the known, but is it not annoying to fans on the picture. “All I am really crazy of people who have a selfie with me want to make and then ask or I don’t go crazy from all those selfies.”

The BNN presenter tells New Revu therefore, also not quickly to a festival or concert to go to.

“For that reason I also thank you for making a video of the kampioensfeest of Feyenoord. You stand there as a BN’between the legion and before you know it, there are plenty of viewers focused on you. Doesn’t work for me. I love that I do not, as of crowds. The North Sea Jazz Festival is just on the edge in terms of scalability.”

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