Fighting for Knokke

Culinary pampering, fashion, design and prestigious events: Knokke-Heist is much more than the sea and the beach. But who are the leading figures behind it? 25 creative entrepreneurs of the coastal city on the map.

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Interior decoration, design and architecture Rik Ruebens

The leading interior and designzaak in Knokke is RR Interior. Founder Rik Ruebens was taught partly at home in Kaprijke, where his parents, all furniture sold, and opened his case on the Natiënlaan in 2000, together with his wife Sylvie Dekien. The duo convinced soon brands such as Minotti, B&B Italia, Fritz Hansen and Cassina. In the meantime, the RR Interior is also the only dealer in the Benelux of the interieurlijn of Bottega Veneta and has the duo with the RR Corner is also a separate store for limited editions, unique pieces and accessories. Among the many assignments for woninginterieurs and restaurants is the many years of cooperation with Sergio Herman. Ruebens asked Herman to the chairs design for Air Republic, the brasseriezaak that the chef a few months ago opened in the marina of Cadzand.

Corrine Walder

She has lived for over thirty years in church and became quite familiar with both the interior-, design – and art scene. Today she has become the driving force behind the age-old Ceuvelhoeve in the polder, which is beautifully restored and seats up to what they are today kunstplatform CWART calls. There is a wine bar with a restaurant and four times per year, a big expo with a combination of design, vintage and art. This year, the theme is ENDLESS. Corrine Walder wants a young, unknown artists and designers to promote that still have no place in what they call the ‘classic’ galeries calls, such as Stijn Ank, Jana Cordenier, Anna of Boxelaere and Ariane Empty. ENDLESS runs through the end of August. Both the place like the expo are very special.

Nathalie Deboel

Interior designer Nathalie Deboel understood from the beginning where the contemporary Knokke interior: plain interiors with a holiday atmosphere. They combine stylish vintage with contemporary art and design, flawlessly white walls and floors with more frivolous accents. The minimalism in its style fits perfectly with the special light of the sea. Nathalie focuses mainly homes and is a master at devising ingenious solutions.

Bea Mombaers

With its vintage-interiors, Bea Mombaers Knokke on the international map, its establishments appear worldwide in magazines. Rightly so, for she was one of the first to the vintagestijl to pick up and combine with the modern abstract art of the previous decades. Thus, she walked even forward on the galleries. Meanwhile, Bea Mombaers the great example for the vintage-interior that they are now a very eclectic interpret, even with Moroccan rugs or kunstdesign of Antonino of their leaves. and Il Laboratorio dell’imperfetto. In her case, Items, is an international concept. Bea also spent a lederwarenlijn on the market with handbags and backpacks. They focus in home and abroad, residential and commercial. With interior architect Peter Ivens, considering they have great projects with more architecture. Together realized them to the Knokke restaurant Le Coup Vert.

Jean-Philippe Demeyer

Jean-Philippe Demeyer was recently on the cover of the Australian Vogue Living as one of the most eccentric interior designers of Europe. Some call him the new David Hicks, the famous British designer who is the king of the eclectic interior. Jean-Philippe has two anchorages in the Events, shop in the Sparrendreef in The Salt and the medieval estate Rooigem between Bruges and Damme. Both are part of his Wunderkammer, in which you both Victoriana, gothic revival as fiftiessouvenirs discovered. “I have no rules,” he says.

Dominique Desimpel

Anyone with a nose for special tiles and natural stone, which today has a special role to play in the interior, know the name. His business in the old city centre of Knokke is a ‘library of stones’. Dominique Desimpel travels around the world in search of artisan tegelateliers and small quarries, where porphyry, marble and granite are mined. Special tegelwanden and floors are from the côte d’azur in the United Kingdom, valued and published in reputable magazines. You can find such a thing in London, Paris or New York, but in Knokke.

Culture, sport and relaxation, Frank Vanleenhove

That Knokke-Heist is now a tourist attraction for water sports enthusiasts and also with young people well in the market is, in large degree, thanks to Frank Vanleenhove. As a young teen, he taught in the seventies, windsurfing thanks to a sportmonitor of hotel La Réserve on the victory lake, close to his parental house. Later he became Belgian champion in windsurfing, he brought out from Biarritz the first surfboards and, he focused on the local development of the water sports.

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A first step was the creation of the vzw Surfers Paradise and the opening of a surf club – when not more than one strandcabine – in 1988. Thanks to the support of mayor Leopold Lippens and the municipality of Knokke-Heist, the club was able to develop near The Zwin and constantly need new members to attract. Since 2015, the counter on more than a thousand. In addition, opened Vanleenhove in 2012, Lakeside Paradise, a water sports centre with a youth hostel and restaurant on the former zandwinningsput De Cloedt. Perfect conditions (and wakeboarders can benefit from an eco-friendly car. Vanleenhove is an important voice in the development of tourism in the coastal city. So convinced is he of the church to this spring to tackle with a strandkrant and desire he for the opening of a new wavepark, next to Lakeside Paradise.

Patrick De Brock

In Knokke he is a concept, because he has deep roots in the region and comes from a family of art collectors. The number of workshops that he is in the netherlands and abroad visited, is almost innumerable. Patrick De Brock started in 1991 in Antwerp, but it was already in ’94, active in Knokke. He submits an annual five solo exhibitions of mainly young and foreign artists. He is also present on many European art fairs.

Filip and David Bourgoo and Philippe Van de Ryse

Six thousand visitors in 2010, a hundred thousand in 2012 and last year but less than two-hundred thousand: the Zoute Grand Prix is one of the most spectacular success stories of Knokke-Heist of the last few years. The classic car event attracts outside of a season not just a mass of tourists and exclusive brands to the coastal city, but Knokke-Heist also on the card at oldtimerfanaten. Initiators Filip and David Bourgoo, self rallyrijders, and Philippe Van de Ryse, event, joined forces in a Salt Events, and export their know-how recently to Andalusia in may, the three Knokkenaren there, according to the same formula and with many references to the Knokke example, the first Sotogrande Grand Prix.

John Noseda

Co-owner of the Kitsch Club in Knokke, co-founder of the We Can Dance festival in the neighbouring Zeebrugge, dj and photographer: John Noseda is of various markets at home. The scion of the house of cinema Beverley Screens lives meanwhile in Ghent, but remains a weak spot for his hometown. So he launched last year the Knokke Fashion Weekend, which in march 2018, with a second edition planned. His motive? “To prove that the coast, not only for holidaymakers, elderly people or people with money, but also for a young and sensitive to changing trends public.”

Yasmine Geukens and Marie-Paule De Vil

On their map, there Geukens & De Vil-contemporary art. The duo Yasmine Geukens and Marie-Paule De Vil travel around the world, looking for contemporary art that them excites. They attack just like their artists to the limits. Among them we find many well-known young and Belgian names such as Ruben Bellinkx, Gideon Kiefer, Sofie Muller, Bert De Beul, Sophie Kuijken, David Simpson, and Sofie Van der Linden. They run in Antwerp, a beautiful gallery.

Family Bean

The Boon Gallery fourth two years ago, his thirtieth birthday, with an exhibition around Monet and his contemporaries. Just so you know where this international gallery, because they let us both enjoy the impressionistic and the modern masters, of the School of Latem Cobra or abstract. The case was initiated by Jos and Dominique Boon, who are now assisted by their son Christophe. The gallery is at the leading trade fairs, from Paris to Moscow.

Samuel Vanhoegaerden

Samuel Vanhoegaerden started his gallery in Knokke in 2001 and specializes in the modern and post-war art. Of course with a whole collection of Cobra from big names like Apple. He also brings a solo exhibition of Hans Hartung, Tom Wesselmann, Alexander Calder, Christian Dotremont, Panamarenko and Bram Bogart.

Food, drinks and events David Maenhout

A praline from Chocolatier M is not just a piece of chocolate. David Maenhout and his team are constantly looking for new ingredients, new and unexpected angles and exceptional flavor combinations. In his open atelier makes Maenhout also chocolate tailored for different michelin starred restaurants in the netherlands and abroad. Insanely delicious and world famous for its chocolates. In the preselections for the International Chocolate Awards, 2017, he won already seven medals from eight entries, in the Benelux, he became the first Gault&Millau ‘Chocolatier of the Year’ ever. Are duindoornpraline was recognized as a regional product by the province of West-Flanders. Duindoornbessen grow in the dunes on the North sea coast, in Knokke flowers also the matter of chocolatier M.

Bart Desmidt

Around the turn of the century put Bart Desmidt Knokke back on the culinary map by being the only chef in town with a Michelin star to conquer. In 2014, two. Long before that already chose Desmidt sure to show the love for the profession and quality of life over success and profit. That approach typifies his preparations: no volatile trends, but thoughtful flavour combinations and their own classics such as tartare of Wagyrund with a Gillardeau oyster. He is also happy to less well-known fish species from the North sea. Desmidt is a child of the sea’; his grandfather was a fisherman and his parents had a toy store on the place where now the restaurant is. Activities of njam!, for which he is now a BBQ Tonight?! presents, to the exclusive and internationally successful chocolate brand BbyB, in collaboration with chocolatier Jan Verleye.

Jan Van Ongevalle

The family Van Ongevalle with father Jan on the head, shaket since 2013 cocktails on the coast. In The Pharmacy are next to the pater familias Jan also a daughter Hannah and son Ran behind the bar. With youngest sister, Noa, is now the row is complete. The family found solid ground in Knokke: the three children grew up there, Jan himself came to live there when he was two years old and handled for many years the clothing store from which he took over from his parents. After 25 years, he watched and he went travelling to find himself. Also the children searched all corners of the world to go to college, but of times now, piece by piece, to Knokke and back. In The Pharmacy serve Jan, Hannah, Ran and Noa the better spirits with a huge spirit. They do magic not only with cocktailshakers, but also with tastes and tones time and time again that world class Knokke and the rest of the world. Both the business and its promoters have won several awards. The most recent achievement is Rans victory in the Bacardi Legacy in Berlin. Test yourself to the cocktails of The Pharmacy on the public-secret address.

Frederik Deceuninck

The former chef de partie of the Carmelite and sous-chef of the Jardin Tropical is one of the young names of this year’s culinary offerings at Tomorrowland pimp. In 2007, open case Sel Gris on the Seawall in Duinbergen – Deceuninck was 25 – climbed quickly to 16 points in the Gault&Millau and last year won the most recent edition of the Golden Fork. The first Michelin star was already in 2008 a fact. At the end of next year to open a second case, the doors. Insiders describe him as a cook who will prepare traditional cuisine in a contemporary form cross.

Frederik Boussy

The chief of Cuines,33 in the Smedenstraat learned the tricks of the trade in Comerç 24 in Barcelona. Which inspired also the case that, in 2011, he opened with his sister Fleur (ex-Sel Gris) and her partner Edwin Menue. Gourmet tapas, modern interior design by Lieven Musschoot, a relaxing atmosphere: all of this put Cuines,33 is immediately on the map. The first Michelin star followed less than a year later. Boussy and its partners confirmed their vernieuwersrol in 2015 with the opening of the zusterrestaurant Brasa, a grillhouse – steak restaurant.

Christophe Van den Berghe

Ten years after the opening of Jardin in 1994, Christophe Van den Berghe, his efforts rewarded with a Michelin star. That kept the case in the Zwaluwenlaan until today, been taught the chef a few years ago that a star before him did not have. Over time, he opted for a more accessible concept with less staff, a looser control and more freedom in the kitchen. In 2016, followed By the Bunnenplein the bistro Café de Paris, and À Côté, for streetfood at a high level. The nose for new trends and young talent is also evident from his collaboration with interior designer Anthony Boelaert and DJ Maxim Lany, as well as the many workers who later, with success for its own account started.

Mode Luc Dheedene

Say Luc Dheedene and you have immediately four stores in Knokke bite, his agency Fashion Club 70 makes him the most powerful modeman from Belgium. Dheedene is also the man of the monobrandstores, in Knokke, for example, 7 For All Mankind, Liu Jo, Philipp Plein. With its own brand, SVNTY and Verso, a multimerkenboetiek for men, he is of all modemarkten at home. Also sons, Miguel and Gregory got in the empire, that started with nothing more than a passion for beautiful clothes. That fashionable Knokke today, wraps in the most beautiful Italian designerstuks, owes it to Dheedene, that the Italian brands large made in Belgium.

Ruth Kortleven

The roots of Ruth Kortleven are in the far Limburg, but the longing for the sea took her twenty-two years ago washed up in Knokke. At that time she knew no one here, meanwhile, does her shop La vie en rose with many a bell. Ruth sells a quirky selection of strong brands as Dries Van Noten and Marni, with nice prints and subtle shades of color with the red thread. La vie en rose is not up for grabs, but discreetly in a side street in ‘t Zoute. It is a thing for women with personality: “Knokke is a city where your life can cause you want to.”

Hans Thiers and Muriel Vandierendonck

Hans Thiers came at age eighteen in Knokke and there remained. He founded a small shop in tricosport on, and after two years began his wife Muriel Vandierendonck, to help in the case. The expansion was not long in coming and, meanwhile, is becoming the thirty in sight for Jack Russell. The great advantage is the accessible and affordable offer: young and old, male and female, classic and sporty find something to their liking in more than forty labels, including its own private label.

Frank Desmedt and Pascale Vandewalle

In 1987 opened Knokkenaar Frank Desmedt a jeanszaak on the Lippenslaan. Thirty years later, Uno still a stayer in the Knokke shoppingscene, where you have much more than a sporting designer jeans will fit. On the shop floor has frank’s wife Pascale pulling the strings, behind the scenes, he retains yourself the overview, and Maxine (24) is now also their daughter in the case. Uno has a good reputation as a steadfast shop, which still dares to refresh. You buy there is no ready-made cost, an interesting mix of the latest trends .

Wim Albert and Sophie Vryens

When Wim Albrecht Amica Trend in 2000 took over from his parents, was the case for thirty years. He and Sophie Vryens waved the shoes and handbags goodbye and help their customers now still own the suitable outfit for every occasion, from the Zoute Rally to the Tour de France. Although Amica Trend is not flashy extract, it is not a shop for gray mice: lovers of Missoni, Cavalli, Giambattista Valli and Leonard make a colorful choice.

Family Somers

What began with a stately damesboetiek on the Meir, grew to a network of shops in Antwerp, and in the most fashionable seaside resort of Belgium. With four sites reached the family Somers, the whole market in Knokke. Cool children shopping Space, fashion-conscious mom’s have a Princess high on their list, high end fashionista’s Sketch is super and the recently opened Blue is a magnet for youthful trendsetters. That the Princess group of companies a new multimerkenwinkel open while shops and monobrandstores reign supreme, testifies of a strong vision in the family business. That is already to the third generation. At the helm are now two of the four children of Marc Somers and Karine Lord. It was, incidentally, her mother, who in the 1950’s the successful fashion brand founded. Together with mama Karine brings Astrid designerstuks right of the catwalk to the coast.

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