Fifty years of sesame street: “I was sitting with a Small on your lap in the bath’

It may seem like not a big job at a music career, but in the united states were the great men of the earth, regular visits to sesame street for a duet to sing with one of the characters. The children’s program, it was exactly fifty years ago, for the first time, for broadcast. talking with artists: Wouter Hamel and it can be Derived that in the Dutch version, a duet sung with the Small and the big bird.

Diana Ross, Billy Joel, Backstreet Boys, John Legend, Destiny’s Child and Andrea Bocelli. This is just a small sampling of the many artists who have a song to sing in Sesame Street.

Wouter Hamel was realized only after his appearance in sesame street (aired in 2010), and that he is a member of a particular group. “Later, I realized that it was really an honor to be asked to participate in sesame street. A lot of my heroes in the seventies, in the united states version of a song to be sung, and, for example, Norah Jones ‘later”, the singer is from.

For Hind, it was an honor to be able to work with the chart position, that is, both for her and if Hamels sesame street-the song has been written. For both artists, who are usually in the English language to sing in, it was a recording of an English song, is an adventure. “That’s when I started to sing, he said, Henny straight,” You do not have that much experience with singing in English, don’t you?” That was the case at all,” remember, Hamel is located.

Also, in terms of timing, it was a recording of the song, and for Travelling to be a challenge. “The actress who is the voice He is doing, had the parts already completed, when I was in the studio and it came out. It was a lot of fun to make this voice from the past on the song to hear it. However, the manner in which it was sung, it was in terms of timing is very different than the jazz and swing which I was willing to give. No release (no offense, red.) to Small, of course.”


Check out the scene, can be Derived and features an outdoor swimming

‘I had a big bird take to the dance

The artists had to sing in English and the lip-synching during the filming of their comfort zone steps. “It was, of course, a birthday party with big bird to be able to dance, but I had to do my turn in. I had, as it were, ” big bird take to the dance, so that will have to do it a few times again,” says Hind, who, in 2009, the movie was released.

Hamel ended up with a Small mistake. “The videoshoot was a little uncomfortable, because He at the it in the bath tub and sat. That restaurant had, of course, open at the bottom, so that the two puppeteers He could move. I don’t know why, but I just had to have a pair of trunks, and even came into the picture. So I just sat there, with He and two of the puppeteers are 10 centimeters from my crotch into a zwemslip.”

Even though the recording process for both the artists and their discomfort known, that they were soon completely swept up in the fantasy of the land at any cost. “It was really impressive to see the set-up to be. It felt as if all my childhood and once again came up. If you’re in the scene, then returned, it is almost as if you were in a fairy tale world you ended up,” said Hind.


Check out the video by Wouter Hamel, and He

“It was truly a highlight of my career’

Hamel knows where he is, the scene in the sesame street took it in for a busy time between gigs and in his own words “wailing” came in, because he was so tired. “It disappeared, however, as soon as I set it on got it, it felt really right especially.”

When Travelling once in the badscène behind him, own and he is also in the story of the scene. “I was very impressed with how every detail has been thought of before. My hair was wet because we just got out of the bath came at a time when we are together, on the couch, the television took a closer look. At a given point in time, I felt truly as if I were, next He sat on the bench. You’re going to go into that fantasy.”

Hind describes a feeling of nostalgia that they have when they are in a very interesting position. “It felt really like coming home, because it’s a free program with which you grew up. It was truly a dream come true and a highlight of my career.”

Since the beginning of 2018, no new episodes for more on sesame street and in the next two years, no recordings are taking place, are the issues with Travelling, and can be Derived with some frequency is emitted. Be derived from notes, that is the same. “Then you all of a sudden I get nice notes from parents. Their children, who do not know me, sing for the song is now back in the game.”

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