Fifth wave of bommeldingen at Jewish institutions in the US

Fifth wave of bommeldingen at Jewish institutions in the US

Photo: AFP

Monday were at least fifteen Jewish institutions in the United States, including two schools evacuated after bommeldingen. It is the fifth wave of such reports in less than two months time.

Last week Monday, received about ten Jewish institutions bommeldingen and last Sunday were dozens of gravestones vandalized at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia. A week earlier, hundreds of graves at a cemetery in St. Louis was the target of vandals.

In many cases, there are settings that also in recent weeks, threats or bommeldingen received, reports Haaretz.

In received a total Jewish institutions in 27 states over the past two months certainly 84 bommeldingen. The FBI has announced an investigation to have set.

To stay out of it

The threats and bommeldingen have to much unrest within the Jewish community. Also, the community is angry with president Trump, in their eyes to stay out of recession.

Eventually, sentenced the president to the violence on Tuesday of last week in a speech. “The anti-semitism that the Jewish community has taken is terrible and painful”, said Trump. “It is a proof that there is still much to be done before all the hate and prejudice and evil from the world.”

The Anti-Defamation League, a powerful Jewish non-profit organization, that is not enough. “We have president Trump not need words, but deeds.”

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