Fifteen of the dead and of the 2,600 arrests made during protests in Chile

The number of deaths as a result of the protests in the Chilean capital, Santiago, on Tuesday, at fifteen, has increased. 2,600 people have been arrested by the police. People have been going on for days in the streets to demonstrate against inequality and the high cost of living.

In the capital, broke Friday’s clashes, at a protest against a rise in the price of the metrokaartjes. Below decided that the Chilean authorities for the whole of the metro system of Santiago, to be close and have a curfew to be set up.

On Saturday, called on the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, the state of emergency in Santiago, ” he said of the controversial price hikes to turn back.

A day later, there were at least seventy in whatsoever place, it was reported to the Chilean ministry of the Interior and kingdom relations. Of the protesters to cease, inter alia, inputs from the stations on fire, and looted stores. In other places, laaiden also the protest, which caused a state of emergency and curfew have been extended to ten other cities and towns.

Also on Monday went to the thousands of people in the street, in the city, and it caused a lot of damage to the central squares and streets of the city. President Piñera will be Tuesday, with the opposition parties in the conversation.

Image: security Forces arrested on Monday a protester in Chile, the regional capital of Concepcion. (Ap)

Increases in price occurred in 6 of October is in force

The protests began when the students in the streets were protesting at rising prices, that is, October 6, came into force.

The price of a metroticket at all times, for instance, from about 800 Chilean pesos, at 830, Chilean peso (eur 1.05 million). The banks are, according to the authorities, because of the weakness of the peso, together with the high cost of energy.

The Dutch violinist, André Rieu would be Saturday night gig in the city, but the concert due to the unrest in the city had been canceled.

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs the travel advice for Chile, Saturday, tightened up and let the passengers know of the situation, “to follow closely”.


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