FIFA fined British football because of the ‘poppies’

FIFA fined British football because of the ‘poppies’

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FIFA the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish football federation on Monday imposed a fine due to the tones of ‘poppies’ (poppies) around international matches in november.

The English FA have the most money to FIFA: 45.000 Swiss francs (42,000 euros). The bond is punished for the “display of a political symbol” and for various misconduct of supporters. Scotland, due to the same reasons, 20,000 Swiss franc (18.700 euro) pay.

Players of both teams wore during their mutual world cup qualifier bracelets with poppies.

Wales will receive a fine of 20,000 Swiss francs for the display of political symbols, while the Northern Irish bond a 15,000 Swiss franc ($14,000) to pay.

Both unions chose to their players no poppies to wear out of fear of a sanction from FIFA, but both in Wales-Serbia as in Northern Ireland-Azerbaijan were fans of a mosaic of poppies.

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The poppy is the national symbol of the Uk remembrance day and the national football team of England-Scotland Wales-Serbia and Northern Ireland-Azerbaijan were around Remembrance Day (november 11) played, the day on which the British their oorlogsdoden commemorate.

The FIFA had the four countries have been warned before for a punishment, and even threatened points deduction as they are the symbol would wear. Wearing rouwbanden with a poppy or in a different way show of the ‘poppies’ is seen as a political message, and that is by FIFA is prohibited.

“In the stadium and on the field, there is only place for sports, and for nothing else.”, explains Claudio Sulse, the chairman of the disciplinary commission of FIFA, Monday, the penalty.

“We want to do with these penalties is not to express an opinion about specific commemorations, since we have the meaning of such moments completely respect.”

“But we must keep in mind that the rules in a neutral and fair way should be applied to all 211 at the FIFA affiliated football associations. And the show of political and religious symbols is strictly prohibited.”

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In total, seventeen national unions Monday, a punishment from FIFA. Ireland is also punished because of the display of a political symbol.

The Irish bond should be a fine of 5,000 Swiss francs (4.700 euros) to pay because during the match against Switzerland on the shirt of the Irish players a reference was to the ‘Easter Rising’, a revolt against the British in 1916.

Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Greece, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay got a penalty for homophobic spreekkoren of supporters.

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