Fierce fighting in hong Kong, the Chinese soldiers ‘ clean up ‘voluntarily’ gang at the

At the technical college in hong Kong came on the Sunday morning to the harsh confrontations between protesters and police officers. A cop would have shot someone with a bow and arrow, and the walking wounded. A few hours earlier, the Chinese military is “voluntary” assisted in the clean-up of the biggest gang in the city.

As a part of the campus of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) looks like a fortress, behind which the activists have been holed up. Activists of throwing petrol bombs at the officers, who in turn used tear gas represented. The Polytechnic University is one of five colleges and universities in the city, that is, by activists, as the house is being used. A number of universities have classes for the remainder of the calendar year) shall be deleted.

On the Saturday night had the Chinese soldiers of the people’s liberation army for the first time to see them in the streets of hong Kong since the beginning of the protests. Dressed in shorts and T-shirts, they helped the local population to take the streets to clean up, and the barriers to be overcome.

The board of directors of the hong Kong sar has not asked for any military assistance. The soldiers were operating “as a people,” said a spokesman from the city centre. Pro-democracy lawmakers have to the action of the people’s liberation army convicted of crimes. The presence of Chinese soldiers in the streets of hong Kong, has been a controversial issue, since their presence is contrary to the autonomous status of the special administrative region.


Demonstrations in hong Kong, coarsening of: What is China up to?

New issues will lead to unrest

The situation in hong Kong over the past week it has escalated. The main reason for this was the death of a 22-year-old protester. Although it is not clear exactly what has been done to give the protesters the police are to blame.

In many places in hong Kong, road users will suffer from the blockade by protesters. With multiple sites to prepare activists for possible clashes with riot police. This has to be done, for example, by donating food and weapons to collect, and a brick ramp to be built.

A lot of young people to take part in the protests

Since the beginning of the protests in June, there are already a lot of young people. It’s going to be a generation that has grown up in hong Kong, that is, as an autonomous region part of China, but also don’t be afraid to in order to get to our destination.

The students played a rather important role in the mass protests in 2012 and 2014. They are protesting for democracy in hong Kong, and has less influence from the world. A few months ago, the protesters are in it for the government to enforce a contentious uitleveringswetsvoorstel to take it away.

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