Feyenoord on a visit to Utrecht, PEC leads against Emmen

In the Premier league is on Sunday the winner between Ajax and PSV on the program. To the extent that, first, three different duels played. NAC Breda played equal against VVV-Venlo (1-1) and at 14.30 hours, the matches of FC Utrecht-Feyenoord and PEC Zwolle-FC Emmen on the program. At 16.45 hours, it is then the turn of the two top teams in the Premier league. Follow everything in our liveblog.

Utrecht-Feyenoord (0-0)
PEC-Emmen (1-0)

16.45 pm:

NAC-VVV 1-1FC Utrecht-Feyenoord · 3 minutes geleden7′ Great chance for Everton on the 0-1, but the use of Sam Larsson is turned by goalkeeper David Jensen.PEC Zwolle-FC Emmen · 8 minutes ago3′ GOAL PEC! 1-0

It’s been touch in Zwolle! Vito van Crooy is sent away and slide the ball under goalkeeper Kjell Tighten by.FC Utrecht-Feyenoord · 9 minutes geleden1′ After a solemn minute of silence will roll the ball in Utrecht!PEC Zwolle-FC Emmen · 10 minutes geleden1′ The ball rolls in Zwolle!Premier league · 12 minutes geledenDe players come on the field in Utrecht and Zwolle. In a few minutes we start.FC Utrecht-Feyenoord · 16 minutes geledenVoorafgaand to the duel in The Galgenwaard there will still be a minute of silence for the attack of 18 march in Utrecht with four dead.Premier league · 22 minutes geledenOver a good ten minutes we start two duels in the Premier league:

  • FC Utrecht-Feyenoord
  • PEC Zwolle-FC Emmen

NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 32 minutes agoPast! NAC keeps a point to the thuisduel with VVV. It is in Breda 1-1! Peniel Mlapa and Gregory Leigh make the goals. NAC is still the hekkensluiter, but the difference with FC Emmen and De Graafschap, is now seven points.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 33 minutes geleden90+3′ What a chance for NAC on the profit. To Peace is aangespeeld and has a free schietkans on a meter or sixteen, but the shot lacks power. Unnerstall will the bet with trouble, but avoid the 2-1.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 36 minutes geledenEr come still four minutes!NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 36 minutes ago

2x red for @NACnl in a Premier league season:
1980/1981: Hans Lord
1996/1997: Jean-Claude His Face
1998/1999: Erwin of Tanning
2000/2001: Nabojsa Gudelj
2009/2010: Robbert Schilder
2018/2019: Mounir El Allouchi #NACVVV

AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen14:03 – 31 march 2019NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 37 minutes geleden90′ The last official minute walks in Breda. Will there be a winner? NAC has made it very difficult with ten men and VVV is still on the winning hit.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 39 minutes agoThe time that El Allouchi yellow get for the schwalbe. The midfielder was not much later, his second yellow card, giving NAC in the next few minutes with a ten man hunting at the three points. It is still 1-1 after 87 minutes.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago80′ – Red for NAC Breda!

Oh, oh, oh El Allouchi, what do you do now? The midfielder gets right after his schwalbe his second yellow card for a clumsy foul. NAC need to continue with ten men.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago,77′ No penalty for NAC!

El Allouchi is in accordance with the arbitration to be easy to the ground and even gets a yellow for a schwalbe.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden76′ Arbitrator Edwin van de Graaf’s self to the images… Touch Seuntjens El Allouchi?NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago,75′ Penalty for NAC!

Ralf Seuntjens is kicking Mounir El Allouchi what slammed down and so the ball on the dot. But the VAR look to the images…FC Utrecht-Feyenoord · one hour ago

At both Feyenoord (Berghuis) as a at FC Utrecht (Gustafson) are missing the most valuable players of this Premier league season in the base. They were at or. 19 and 13 goals involved. #UTRFEY

AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen13:47 – 31 march 2019NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden73′ The 1-1 creates new life in Breda. The hekkensluiter also the full-loot suits?NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago,66′ GOAL NAC! 1-1

There is the equalizer for the hekkensluiter! Gregory Leigh reads the ball perfectly over the pole after a sharp free-kick.PEC Zwolle-FC Emmen · one hour agohere are the lineups for the duel in Zwolle, the netherlands 14.30:

PEC Zwolle: Van der Hart; Ehizibue, Lachman, Van den Berg, Paal; Hammer, Clement, Namli; Of Crooij, Thy, Of Dunes.

FC Emmen: Sharpen; Gronsveld, Cooper, Baker, Neidhart; Bannink, The Lion, Chacón; Slagveer, Arias, Jansen.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden56′ What a chance for the 1-1! To Peace is completely free and has the ball from five meters in front of the head, but he encounters still Unnerstall.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden53′ After the break hunts NAC on the equalizer, but VVV staggers yet. The visitors lead with 0-1.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden46′ We play football again in Breda. What can the hekkensluiter yet?FC Utrecht-Feyenoord · one hour geledenGiovanni van Bronckhorst throws, his team what to for today. Steven Berghuis begins on the bank and Nicolai Jörgensen is the striker.

Drawing Up Of Feyenoord:

AvatarAuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen13:14 – march 31, 2019NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours agoIt is calm in Breda! Catcalls from the bleachers, as NAC Breda is at a disadvantage. VVV leads with 0-1 against the hekkensluiter.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geledenVlak for the break VVV is now in good order. The visitors have the lead over the competition, and hardly any more in danger.FC Utrecht-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

📋 The preparation of #fcutrecht for the cracker this afternoon at @Feyenoord! 💪
#utrfey #eredivisie #utrecht

AvatarAuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen12:55 – 31 march 2019NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geleden32′ NAC is visibly excited by the 0-1 VVV. The home team is not so dominant and drives the equalizer, but play a lot less ready.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours agoThe moment of the first half until now: Mlapa immerses NAC in mourning with the opening goal for VVV, while the team from Breda the better chances.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago14′ GOAL in OT! 0-1

Oh, oh, oh NAC Breda! You can see this goal a little bit to arrive: Pele van Anholt verkijkt on a long ball and is then beaten in the air by Peniel Mlapa. The strong striker of VVV then only in the direction of the goal, and finish cold-blooded.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours agoRuud Bread can be so far satisfied with his squad, because NAC is the better team in their own house. The formation from Breda to forget self, to reward, because it already had the lead.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geleden8′ a good chance for NAC! Giovanni Korte is sent away, but do to the inside to squeeze and shoot, therefore, against goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geleden5′ Lat! Too bad for NAC, for Mitchell to Peace hits the aluminum with a bang from the edge of the penalty area.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geleden4′ NAC begins swiftly to the duel with VVV. With a hard bang of distance allows Anouar Kali for the first danger.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geleden1′ The ball rolls in Breda!NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geledenDe players are ready on the field. We are going to begin almost in Breda.NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 3 hours geledenOver about twenty minutes to crack battle los in Breda. The supporters of the home club have a useful response to the rumours about Ralf Seuntjens. The born Bredanaar said recently at Omroep Brabant that he has an interest in NAC. “As the Breda boy do you want to always play,” says Seuntjens.

Meanwhile, hangs there in the stadium a clear message for Ralf Seuntjens: signs in Breda. #NACpraat #NACvvv

AvatarAuteurB-Side RatsMoment of plaatsen11:41 – march 31, 2019NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 3 hours geledenEn here the basiself of VVV-Venlo. If the team from Limburg wins they are finally safe from relegation played.

At 12.15 pm join our men in formation against N. A. C. ⚔💪
What do you think it’s going to be? #NACVVV

AvatarAuteurVVV-VenloMoment of plaatsen11:36 – 31 march 2019NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo · 3 hours geledenMet these players is going to NAC Breda against VVV-Venlo. The kick-off is at 12.15 pm in the Rat Verlegh Stadium. If the Bredanaren again lose seems relegation is inevitable.

1️⃣1️⃣ | These are the men who will have to go for NAC. 👊
#NACpraat #NACvvv

AvatarAuteurNAC Breda 💛🖤Time of plaatsen11:19 – 31 march 2019Ajax-PSV · 4 hours agoWho will win today the top match Ajax-PSV?

  • Ajax
  • PSV
  • Tie

Ajax-PSV · 4 hours agoPSV for the first time in fourteen years the two duels with Ajax win
Leader PSV today can be the decisive blow to deal out to a neighbour, he is Ajax. The last time PSV in the league both home and away game against Ajax, winning concluded, was in the season 2004/2005. PSV-trainer Mark van Bommel wore that season the aanvoerdersband with the Locals and was in the ArenA responsible for three of the four hits.Back to top

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