Fewer births and deaths in the weekend

Fewer births and deaths in the weekend

On Saturday and especially Sunday will be less children born than on other days. Also dying to do Dutch people today, slightly more on weekdays than in the past.

This establishes the Central Bureau of Statistics Thursday on the basis of an analysis of the patterns in birth and death about 2016. The Dutch demography shows weekly and seasonal patterns.

The Dutch population is growing every day an average of 280 people. There are an average of 471 children were born, while 407 people die. Municipalities write every day an average of 627 immigrants and 414 emigrants.

Most of the babies were in 2016 born on Friday, July 8 (610) and Friday 16 september (599). In the weekends were notably fewer children born than on weekdays. Half a century ago, was this difference not there yet, finds CBS.

Contraceptive pill

One explanation could be that more women are now giving birth in hospitals. More than three in four women choose nowadays to be not at home to give birth.

In the summer and the autumn of 2016 were more children born than in the spring and winter. Fifty years ago numbered just the summer more generations. The shift of births to another season mostly in the seventies and eighties took place, and coincides with the introduction of reliable birth control, according to the CBS.

Oddly enough, it appears from studies that future parents have preference for a child that in the spring it is born. Is it possible that there is more time between stopping the contraceptive pill and become pregnant, than most couples expect.


Die Dutch are becoming less and less often in weekends. Only 7 percent of the unfortunate countrymen in 2016 died on a Sunday. The CBS observes a peak in the number of deaths on Fridays. It is not clear how this comes.

However, there is a clear peak in the number of deaths in the winter. This is most likely because people in that period of time weaken by the flu. In the summer death is comparatively less people. The day on which the majority of the Dutch death in 2016, was 30 december (537). The least people died on 3 July (309).

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