‘Fethullah Gulen probably played no role in coup Turkey

‘Fethullah Gulen probably played no role in coup Turkey

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The Turkish spiritual Fethullah Gulen played according to European intelligence services probably no role in the couppoging in Turkey in July. The Turkish government sees the in the USA living Gulen as the ‘brain’ of that couppoging.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had prior to the coup planning to opponents from the army, banished, writes The Times Tuesday on the basis of a inlichtingenrapport of Intcen. Understand that would have made sure that there is a couppoging was taken.

Intcen is a European centre of information of European member states to collect and analyse. The report on Turkey was on 24 August, shared internally, but is as secret and classified.

“The decision to have a coup to commit was the result of fear for the coming cleansing”, the report read. “It is likely that a group of officers, consisting of Gülenisten, Kemalisten, opponents of the ruling party APK and opportunists behind the coup was.”

Erdogan says there sure that Gülen is behind the couppoging sat. The US asked for extradition. Since the coup, more than 37,000 people arrested. Some 100,000 civil servants, judges, public prosecutors, police officers and others are dismissed or made inactive. 106 media companies had to close their doors.


Followers of Gulen have over the past few decades to ensure that they are on high positions came to include the police and the judiciary. That way they could exert influence on the society and president Erdogan to keep an eye on, according to Intcen.

Erdogan began 2014 with the purging of the police force and government agencies. Gülenisten (muslims), Kemalisten (seculieren) and activists were opposed. Erdogan would be the last year for the coup plan to the army to cleanse with far-reaching measures.


The Gülenisten in the army were under pressure because of the coming cleansing, reports the inlichtingenrapport. The secular Kemalisten and opponents of the attitude of Turkey towards Syria and the PKK supported that coup. Erdogan would be the coup have seen as the motivation for the passage of the cleansing.

According to the intelligence services, the army was to July, above all, a secular organization. There would be no proof that the secular army would cooperate with the islamic Gülenisten to Erdogan to expel. “The Gülenbeweging is largely disconnected and removed from the secular opposition and the Turkish military.”

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