Festival Milkshake honors George Michael and Wham

Festival Milkshake honors George Michael and Wham

The popular festival Milkshake, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July for the fifth time takes place in the Westerpark in Amsterdam, brings this year a tribute to Wham and the recent death of singer George Michael.

The ode is given the name Wham’bam’ Thank You Ma’am and must carry “that love for each other not only at the christmas season is reserved”. The organization refers to the biggest hit song Last Christmas of George Michael.

Milkshake takes this year as with the previous edition for two days. The site consists of a large number of different stages, each with performances, light and music, a very own story to tell and convey.


Erwin Olaf, Joost van bellen and Zubrowka International-have already confirmed as a stage host at the festival. Of Call and Zubrowka will take care of the stage, ‘Transformer’, where the transformation of the human being in various forms is celebrated.

The dance festival Milkshake has been five years on the principle that ‘nothing must, everything may’. The party wants to show that taste in music and choice of wardrobe is completely separate from sexuality. The festival is an atmosphere that is free from the society-created narrow-mindedness, the organization. Milkshake wants to the great diversity of skin colors, sexual preferences and appearances to celebrate.

The Trut

In the event work in numerous settings which subcultures represent, such as homodiscotheek The Trut in Amsterdam, the netherlands, and Mr B, the Dutch authority in the field of the leather and fetish scene. Rotterdam is represented by Now & Wow, Liberated, and the Gaybar.

Further times popular fixed stages, such as Supertoys and the Dirty Poezendek again this year back at the festival. There are also many international acts and parties present at Milkshake. Paris is represented by Less Drama More Techno, from London performers of the unconventional WUT?Club and from Germany is the Sexy y, a big party that regularly takes place in Cologne.

Tickets for Milkshake 2017 is a Friday start.

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