Fergie talks about her ‘donated’ body, dishes on co-parenting with Josh Duhamel and ‘The Four’

Fergie hosts “The Four,” Fox’s reality singing competition.


Los Angeles, California. – Fergie has seen success in her musical career and most recently as the host of Fox’s talent show “of The Four.” The 43-year-old is known to show a number of eye-catching looks, and she used to draw of the attention, wherever they go.

She told Fox News she has not had to work that hard to maintain her killer physique.

She said that her secret is “a lot of vegan meals and working out constantly.”

“I have always been gifted in the body, but I always make it a point and make the time to get a good workout in wherever I am,” she added.

In her current role, she sports some of the most ostentatious outfits on “The Four” phase.

“Well, it’s all about the serve looks, if you will,” the star told Fox News about her iconic wardrobe selections. “And, this year, I think I’m just doing a lot of a mixture of things. A power suit for a week, a kind of baggy sweater, a new week, a small form-fitted gown in another week…”

She also added that she loves how her energy and mannerisms have translated to social media. On the show, she developed a signature spin, what she said was a spur-of-the-moment move.

“That came as an improvisation. It was just a natural thing and sometimes I get a little excited about things and movements of the body occur,” she said, laughing. “But that was the place where the spin is coming from. It was not in the script, it was just me getting very excited about the guests and seeing the large circles on the floor. And you want just a spin, come on! Let your body feel – up!”

Prior to her success on “The Four,” Fergie is already a household name. She began her career as a child actress, voicing Sally in ” Charlie Brown,” she said of her humble origins and work ethic have driven her success.

“It was just really from Hacienda Heights and having to work for every penny I have ever received, and that the work since I was a child. I actually wanted to, but always with that drive to really work hard and earn every penny you get – then a token of appreciation for, and gratitude every step of the way.”

The former “Black Eyed Peas” singer has been able to tactfully navigate the music business and the transition to a career in television.

“The Dutchess” singer explained to Fox News how they managed to cope with her success and remain true to themselves.

“Having success at each level of the way, every time that it felt like a smile in me, and a different kind of exhale,” she said. “Like,’ wow, I can retire my mother,’ and, ‘wow, I can build my father a house.” Just different things that I can help with and with the family.”

She continued: “It was fun, now I can buy a coat and not feel guilty about, you know that the different things. Whereas, with my family and having them take advantage of it as well as myself, and to know, wow, I can actually put some money away and have a child one day and I got some money for it.”

Fergie’s family life take precedence over her music career for the better part of a decade when she was married to actor Josh Duhamel for eight years to the power couple announced their split in 2017.

The stars share a son, Axl Jack, 4, and, despite their divorce, Fergie raved about her son’s love for his father and the convenience of co-parenting with the “Transformers” star.

“Josh makes it very easy for all of us to spend time with Axl, and Axl loves his father so much.”

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