FEMA Director says that it is ‘the difference between direct deaths and indirect deaths” in Puerto Rico, the following observations Trump

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Trump disputes, death cases from Puerto Rico hurricanes

President Trump claims ” not killed 3,000 people as a result of the cyclones Irma and Mary; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports.

The Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Sunday profiled targeted in the conversation about President Trump’s controversial comments about the number of deaths in Puerto Rico from last fall’s Hurricane Maria.

Speaking of Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday,” FEMA chief Brock Long said that the Agency itself how many people die carrying out a count, because of the storm, but added that it is hard to get an accurate decision as to how many people were really killed by Maria.

“I think the President is fully supportive of and supported by the FEMA, and he understands the mission, we went to help, the support was incredibly complex,” Long said. “There are cases there a difference between the direct deaths and indirect deaths.”

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President Trump was heavily criticized last week for a groundless assertion that massive deaths did not happen in the cases of Puerto Rico.

Although it is difficult to set an exact number to pin down, independent researcher at George Washington University estimated path of 2.975 excess deaths in connection with hurricane Maria in the six months after the hurricane that hit last September. Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello commissioned the study and the number of fatalities accepted as the best on the market. Rossello rejected the results of a study that is estimated to have killed more than 4,000, said he found the GWU research with the lower number be scientifically sound.

The study showed that 22 percent more people died than would have been expected, during this period of time in a year without the storm. Its Central finding was confirmed by other similar studies. A second phase, investigating the circumstances of a particular death-to-reach cases, a more accurate number.

Trump’s claim that the death toll was not more than 18, when he visited Puerto Rico, just two weeks after the storm, ignored the fact that the territory of the United States is the official dead count was increased to 34 later that day, Oct. 3. Then it went to 64. With the services on the ground most of the power destroyed out, many people, desperate for food and water, and impassable roads, it was impossible to say how many died directly from Maria, or high water, or the withdrawal in its immediate consequences.

“3000 people died in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico. As I left the island, AFTER the storm had hit, they had cases anywhere from 6 to 18 death. With the time, it wasn’t much. Then, long time later, they began to report very large numbers, such as 3000….” Trump tweeted earlier in the week.

In the area of direct and indirect deaths, FEMA Long said that Puerto Rico contributed to the outdated power grid, and other fragile resources, the high number of deaths and that this situation needs to be solved, in order to prevent further disaster.

“Puerto Rico had one of the oldest power grids around the world,” he said. “The escalating problems in the future and that is to focus on what we can try, and we will have the full support of the President.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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