Federal judge blocks re-entry ban for people with visas

Federal judge blocks re-entry ban for people with visas

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People who are in the United States are landed and that a valid visa may not be denied a federal judge. It is, however, a temporary noodverblijf. It is still unclear whether the ruling have any implications for the policies of president Trump.

The ruling follows a lawsuit that was filed by two Iraqis who were detained at the airport after they had landed. People with a valid visa may, in any case, won’t be turned off.

According to the human rights organisation ACLU have at least a hundred to two hundred people who are now detained at airports to benefit from the ruling. According to the U.s. customs is now up to more than honderzeventig people access to the United States denied.

Broad and important nationwide stay granted! This means folks will not be deported. We will get you more information as we have it.


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02:05 – January 29, 2017


At John F. Kennedy Airport in New York is a large group of people to protest. They demand the release of eleven refugees who are detained at the airport, The New York Times writes. Also at other airports, including the airport of Chicago, are also protests.



The entire vluchtelingenprogramma is for at least 120 days to shut down. Syrian refugees can during that time not available in the US. The American president did against media representatives in the White House rather laconic about the consternation that broke out. “We are fine? You can see it in the airports, everywhere.”

Thousands of refugees come through the scheme in the issues, according to refugee support agencies. Approximately two thousand refugees would next week come to the USA.

Trump denied with emphasis that it is a measure directed against muslims. “It protects Americans against terrorists.” Trump wants to be a strict admissions policy handling. Something that according to him already had years ago.

The travel ban, that by Trump for ninety days is set, it applies for people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. All Over the world come messages about stranded travelers and travelers in their own country, not on flights.

Theresa May

The prime minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, said Saturday that she was not even the policy of Trump at this point. May had received criticism from her own party members because they are the American developments had not been convicted.

May later said in a comment that, although each country has its own immigration policy may run, they disagree with the way Donald Trump and his policies now come out of this.


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