Federal court VS restricted contentious category is Trump further

Federal court VS restricted contentious category is Trump further

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A federal court of appeal in the US, president Donald Trump, partly meantime, about his controversial re-entry ban. The court determined that more exceptions should be made on the re-entry ban for people from six countries which are predominantly islamic.

At the end of June, the supreme court ruled that Trumps re-entry ban for travelers from six countries with some adjustments could still be entered. For people who have parents, brothers, sisters or children in the united states, an exception was made.

The judges of the court of appeal ruled Thursday that people from the six countries also can not be denied if they are a grandparent, uncle, aunt, or nephew or niece of a person who is living in the US.

The ruling means a legal setback for Trump. The White House steggelt been half a year with various states and courts across the entry, one of the first measures that Trump promulgated inspired when he was sworn in.


The plan came directly on a lot of criticism from politicians of both major parties and human rights activists. The selection of the countries would be arbitrary and unconstitutional. The constitution prohibits to people on the basis of their faith is the access to the land (ezek. In addition, the White House, according to the critics, not well demonstrated on the basis of which criterion the six countries selected.

The temporary travel ban applies to travellers from Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and Iran, and refugees, of power. Earlier layers of lower courts across, but according to the U.s. supreme court could view the key issues yet to be performed.

Bona fide relationship

The court ruled that the measures relate only allowed to have “foreign citizens who are not bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the USA”.

In October watching the court or the re-entry ban for people from six islamic countries is lawful. Until that time should Trump parts of his proposed re-entry ban temporarily enter.

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