Fears grow for missing West Virginia mother’s bizarre private messages from her Facebook account

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A search is underway for a missing West Virginia mother, as the bizarre details in the midst of the worry over who was behind a barrage of private messages, apparently sent from her Facebook account over the weekend.

Mary Cathleen Haley, 32, was reported missing earlier this week. She was last seen, some time before last weekend.

She apparently separated from her husband, William, Scott, around the time of August, according to the members of the family. However, Scott is located at the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 11, in response to the command from two days before, it came out of a class 1 misdemeanor charge. According to the court documents, which are referred to by the WOAY-TV, he was released on a personal recognizance bond and is due back in court on January 7.” Scott asserted that the man, who he hadn’t seen his wife in months.

In Addition, Raleigh County, W. Va., Sheriff Scott, Of M, told Fox News that She was indicted by a grand jury for an alleged larceny in Smith County, Va., on Dec. 10, and had wanted to be there. The sheriff added that Scott was “getting a beating, but it has been nothing but cooperative in the investigation.”

Mary Cathleen Haley, 32, was reported missing by family members on Monday as the fears for her well-being from escalating.
(Family handout, Facebook)

However, the employees soon after, She painted a picture of pain in the days leading up to her disappearance.

Facebook posts are viewed by Fox News allegedly showed that She had reached out to a colleague, and a member of a domestic-violence support group, Krissy, Everyone, on Friday, at 2:28 pm and stated that she was “beaten quite badly” by her estranged husband one week before. She also sent two selfies showing her with a black eye.


Everyone is then advised her to go to a domestic violence shelter, and on a Friday, and She expressed frustration that officials had no record of her abuse allegations are taken seriously. Everyone, told Fox News she was concerned when they will not hear any more from him and She finally received a response to an earlier post on a Saturday.

Facebook posts showed that She had reached out to a colleague, and a member of a domestic-violence support group, and stated that she was “beaten quite badly” by her estranged husband one week before.
(Provided by Krissy Everyone)

According to reports from Haley’s Facebook Messenger, a response came in on Saturday around 4:32 a.m., which states that, “it’s fine” and “she’s unstable,” and that they “are in bed and go to sleep.”

“She was talking about, go for a swim, but she can’t swim, so I’m not sure about that,” the person in writing of the Haley ‘ s account, told Everyone, then the message of “She’s my friend, and Steven Vaught.”

According to the apparent volume of messages, “the guy was a great police officer,” and she received a black eye when she “fell down the steps of acting a fool,” raising Everyone’s suspicions that it was really on the other side, and what the hell was going on. The messages said that she was likely to sleep through the next day, after Everyone threatened to send someone to do a “welfare check.”

On Saturday evening, and Everyone asked if she was still married, and the answer came back that “they will always be right now.” Around 8 o’clock that night, the walks of the messages from her account and insisted that she “fell into it” and that she “was trying to kill her (sic) own.”

“The Rural Retreat Lake,” the messages continued. “Was she…. yes, she killed herself. She can’t swim.”

It is a 90-acre backwater lake located in Wythe County, Virginia.

When asked why it wasn’t reported, the response was that “I thought she was in k and was in k they are doing.” Later on, they changed that to say that the reasoning was, “I was scared” and “I can’t talk anymore, mom, she’s all right,” and, “She slipped and fell. I’m sure she’s fine.”

As the ramblings continued, with the person on the other end explained that, “I thought, ” I need posts”, and claiming She “lied a lot” and it was for the people to say: ‘the things that was private.” The individual can also be expressed as being upset that She ” owned some of the businesses, they would not have my name on it.”

Soon after, she was told that it was owned by a local ice cream shop, and a thrift store, but it had been closed to them in the last few weeks.

“She’s never made me happy,” and the messages went on. “She was talking to a man.”

The messages that are to be allocated to the person on the other end, claiming to be ” still working for the state police,” that they were “just going to sit here and wait.”

On Sunday, Dec.15, in the meeting with Everyone shut down, ” she said, and there was no further comment on the bill. Everyone, told Fox News they have reached out to a colleague of Haley’s, which are also communicated to help the woman in the Facebook Messenger will be on Saturday. The messages, which allegedly came from her account, she was at peace, bro,” “she’s where she needs to be,” and “she fell, I didn’t kill her,” indicating that her “last words” was the name of her young daughter.

The couple had reportedly been married for about 14 months, as well as the identity of the person, with the help of Haley’s Facebook Messenger was not authenticated.

Sheila Vaught, wife of Steven Vaught, told Fox News that they have been known Haley for about seven years, and that She had been staying with her and her husband for a month now. Sheila said, Steven had co-signed on her new car, a blue of 2020, Was, with Virginia registration, URV 3345.

According to Vaught, She was trying to divorce her husband, but he refused to sign it, and She was afraid for her life.

In spite of the messages that have been sent out to Everyone on a Friday night, and examined by Fox News, which is that they will be in Beckley, W. Va., Vaught claimed when Arrested to their Speedwell, Va., the house on Tuesday to drive down to the Florida Panhandle for a variety of meetings, including bars and restaurants, all in the hopes of securing the job of their social media marketing.

“I spoke to Maria on Friday morning, and they sounded good to me,” Vaught said, noting that She allegedly took several meetings, but it’s certainly not the latter, which has been set up for her on Friday evening to the naples fl area.


Vaught noted that She had intended to stay in Florida until Dec. 22 and the lives of her car for the drive to Nashville to see a friend of his. However, as of Saturday morning, Vaught points out, is that it and a number of other folks have started to receive strange messages from Haley’s Facebook Messenger, on a Saturday morning at the request of the vehicle identification number of the car.

“Mary knows what to look for. She’s not stupid,” Vaught observed, adding that for her to worry about, who was the Messenger started to grow.

Vaught claimed, bizarrely, messages continued to come in, indicating that She had fallen in a pool and someone would be delivering to her car and her phone. She said that she was contacted by the law enforcement agency on Sunday as saying She was missing for approximately 72 hours after the last communication. She also said that she and others have started to receive the same message from Haley’s account on Monday, claiming that she’s “washing her hair, and she would call back later.”

The account will not be read or replied to messages since then, Vaught said.

As a member of the John Stewart Foundation, which is working with Everyone in support of domestic violence victims, Allyson Hottinger, told Fox News that it is a male to female connections on Haley’s Facebook also got strange messages from her own messenger, at the weekend, with the request that they meet with each other, even if they have been agreed directly with Haley, earlier.

Mary Haley’s family and handed flyers to spread the word about her disappearance.
(Family handout)

She was described by her family as a 5’7″ and 125 pounds, with dirty blonde hair and hazel-brown eyes. Family members have said that they would be able to be in Beckley, W. Va., or, in Wythe County, Va.

“We’re not going to give up until we find Mary” Libby Dickerson, Haley’s mother, told Fox News. “There have been a few leads, nothing has panned out.”

Dickerson said she did not know that her daughter and her husband very well, and told them that they had no opinion of him. She also pointed out that, even though she hadn’t talked to Haley for a couple of months, her ex-husband – Arrested the father has, in the past few weeks, and reported her missing to investigators, on Sunday.

Dickerson said her daughter had a lot of problems,” and would not go in to them, and said to her, daughter, was known to disappear for any length of time. It is also referred to the bizarre messages that came through to Haley’s Facebook over the weekend, but said that she did not believe that she is with her daughter, noting that the one who used the account could not provide an answer to the questions that She should have known that.

She also said that she was trying to make a call using the Messenger account, and to hear Haley’s voice, but the person on the other side, only to be typed.

“We’re ready,” Dickerson says. “We just want to be with her, to go home.”

Of M, told Fox News on Wednesday morning that the case is in the investigation and that his office learned of a number of possible sightings, but it was not something to be known, to belong to Haley.

He also confirmed that William Scott, the dismissal of the federal Police, about five months ago, after 25 years of service, before he was hired back in a civilian capacity for the motor-car in this respect. Of Meters, stressed that Scott was very cooperative in the investigation.

Scott did not respond to Fox News’ requests for comment.


On her Facebook account, She described herself as “fearless.”

“I would not have come this far, to have come this far,” the offer, which to her page to read it.

The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department is looking for anyone with information to call the sheriff’s office in the 304-255-9300

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