Fear vs. anger: the Raw emotion rules, such as Ford, Kavanaugh, press their cases

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Kurtz: was the televised spectacle of change, the spirit of each?

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on whether Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony affect in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation vote.

The media had Christine Blasey Ford opening statement in advance. It played no role.

From the moment you announced at yesterday’s Senate hearing that she was “afraid” Ford overwhelmed by emotions. You struggled to get it to choke by your remarks, as she told, what she says was a sexual assault of Brett Kavanaugh to a Maryland home, if both of them were in high school.

Whether you support Kavanaugh’s nomination, whether or not you are skeptical of your account, it was extremely difficult to watch. For her, she was living through a trauma.

Ford said she has seen”, my life has been torn to shreds by people on TV, in the media, and in this body that have never even met me or talked to me.”

But Kavanaugh was even more emotional in his opening speech, angry and choking back tears as he described the impact on his family, attacked the Democrats and called the confirmation process a “national disgrace.”

A victim of “character assassination called” the judge told the panel: “you have replaced, with the advice and consent with a search and destroy.”

It was a two-act drama, driven by passion and pathos.

By turning on your survey of sex-crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who was low-key and meandering, the Republican lawmakers avoided the terrible optics of a group of men, the press of an alleged victim of sexual assault. But this came at a price.

At the first break, the commentators on Fox, CNN and MSNBC all very Ford a credible witness. Some also said that Mitchell had not laid a glove on you.

It was started after the break Mitchell by pressing the Californian researchers on possible discrepancies in your account, but do not shake Ford on all of the basic details. Ford was a careful witness, and corrected themselves when they said, for example, that you as a person who was at the party in the early 1980s.

The statement was underlined by party-political spat between Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein, and other Judiciary Committee Democrats. Grassley disagreed with Feinstein describes allegations by other judges and defended his handling of the hearing; Democrats pushed for an FBI investigation and subpoena of Mark judge Kavanaugh friend, Ford says, joined in the Offensive, but anyone who denies the participation to such party.

Ford was asked about the potentially crucial development that two unnamed men have said, the panel’s Republican majority, they were the parties involved in the long-past sexual encounter. But Ford told the panel that she was “100 percent” sure it was Kavanaugh.

Mitchell wasted a whole lot of time wasted on tangential and sometimes pointless process questions, from my point of view, such as Ford rent, the fear of flying or how they chose their lawyers. As a place to base their questions, she was able to chip away at the core of the Ford account.

Most Democrats used to be part of your allotted five minutes to praise Ford’s courage and they do not support her testimony, suggesting to me that she has the need to play defense on the specifics.

Many experts have claimed that in the first half of the hearing was “an absolute disaster for Kavanaugh,” as the ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams. I would not go so far. However, while Ford is still lack of a convincing witness, the Republicans have by their testimony.

I’m criticizing in any way, Kavanaugh behavior, how he fought for his reputation and career. He is entitled to be angry. But the emotions, choking and sniffling, she seemed to overwhelm his testimony, from the beginning.

In a voice that turns understandably in anger, Kavanaugh said: “My family and my name was completely and permanently destroyed by devious and wrong additional charges.” He took a short shot on the “rape” story in a statement from Michael Avenatti client, Julie Swetnick, calling that a “joke.”

The a moment, when Kavanaugh looked, he could not was, as he told how his 10-year-old daughter of the family suggested to pray for Ford.

Kavanaugh steadfast and, at times, combative, according to a survey by the Democrats, says that he never bothered to sexually remained to anybody, and that, while occasionally he had too much beer in high school, he never passed out.

By late in the day, Republicans, the survey — Lindsey Graham took back in anger, accusing the Democrats of trying to “destroy this guy’s life,” and Democrats such as Dick Durbin is trying to pressure Kavanaugh in demanding an FBI investigation.

In the end, perhaps the waves of feelings — anxiety, anger — out canceled each other. For Christine Ford, she was describing a nightmare that followed her for decades. For Brett Kavanaugh, he was a nightmare, came to consume his life a few weeks ago.

The political impact of the hearing remains unclear. Kavanaugh’s fate, with a handful of swing senators. You weigh the testimony under violent pressure from a party that is determined to confirm the embattled judge.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of “media madness: Donald Trump, the press, and The war for the truth.” You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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