“Fear of mathematics” may be genetically determined

“Fear of mathematics” may be genetically determined

Genes might play a significant role in the degree of fear and nervousness that individuals may experience math assignments, but also around spatial awareness and geometry. That comes to the fore in a new survey.

The study is intended to show that people who are not good in mathematics that do not necessarily need to be due to a lack of skill, but simply to fear of the subject matter.

Researchers from King’s College London studied a 1400-twins and identified the different types of fears of the participants, who are between 19 and 21 years old.

All kinds of fear, for mathematics, spatial awareness, or fear in general, were found to be substantially related to genes.


According to researcher Margherita Malanchini, assign the results to ensure that potential problems in the development, for example, with math, premature observed.

“Specific genes for anxiety to can point, we can early identify when children may have problems will be experienced at an early stage of their life. Therefore, we can in time to intervene in the development of fears,” said Malanchini.

The researchers argue that by the on time detection of possible angstaanleg, children appropriate guidance can get. “Children with a genetic risk of anxiety and nervousness for mathematics, we can, for example, preventive motivate and they give positive feedback so that their fears might be reduced and their results in this area will improve.”

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