Fear of failure: What is it and how do you deal with it?

You might think that you can do it, you are afraid to make mistakes, and will not begin until you are absolutely sure that you are able to do it. Test anxiety is a specific form of uncertainty, and compares often with the head of a new school, or a year, and during tests and examinations. How could you make this armor?

All of the young people are sometimes afraid to fail, there is an initiative of the Dutch general Practitioners Society (NHG). This is normal, and it motivates me to be better, to do your best. However, as soon as a child is extremely afraid of failing, that could be a problem. It may not feel good, more energy, the more they make mistakes, or may even be no more. This fear is, according to the website, mainly for school.

According to psychologist Ellen Huijsmans creates a fear of failure is often at a very young age, because you are too much shows that you will have to adjust to the other person. In doing so, you are afraid not to be liked. It is also possible that you have such a strong focus, you have to have to mean that your feelings are going to hang it from the people you work with.

Anxiety can also be associated with some of these games that you like to do. “That is a good thing, as you will also be able to accept a 7 in place of always striving to be a 10.”

What you can do if you are suffering from a fear of failure

  • Seek help from your gp, a psychologist or a mental health support
  • Imagine that you are one exciting thing to do, or do well
  • Meditate

According to Gert-Jan Ossevoort, self-confessed faalangstexpert, there is a potential for the development of the fear of failure is deep in our company roots. Figures are not available, but he thought that at least two-thirds of the people in an annoying kind of anxiety one has.

A doctor or nurse can help you

“In high school in the keys are highlighted which is not what we have been, and are, therefore, points will be deducted,” said Ossevoort. This, according to him, focus on what is wrong instead of what’s there is good, and there is a lot of people have a serious fear of making mistakes.

While, according to him, the best way that you can learn from what went wrong. “The world’s most successful people will testify that they from their mistakes and have learned from sudden success. This is because they do not use it as a failure but as a signal to start looking for a different way, a different solution or a different approach.”

As a outstanding form, making you block and the more words you can come up with a presentation, or think that someone you don’t like it, then it is according to the psychologist, Huijsmans a smart move to ask for help. That’s what you do with a primary care physician, nurse care and mental health care, or the counselor.

“In coaching, we look for rules which, in the course of your lifetime you learned and trust it.”
Ellen Huijsmans, psychologist

Huijsmans. “In coaching, we look to the traditions and rules during the course of your life, you have to learn them. We’re going to be working on trust, and learn from experiences of successes. Because of this, you will get more out of the paint and decrease your fear to a healthy world.”

People who can’t help but suffer from serious anxiety, there is a risk to burn out to get, say the experts. The fear of it, may result in a bore-out’, because some people are too little to rise to the challenge, and, therefore, depleted. It can also lead to burn-out, because the fear is so much pressure on you. By seeking help, you can prevent this from happening.

According to the self-confessed faalangstexpert, Gert-Jan, Ossevoort, meditation is a good way to keep fear from entering the system. (Image: 123RF)

Meditation, against anxiety

Who is not in therapy, wants to be, but it could use some help at the first of school or work days, presentations, examinations, or other examinations by Ossevoort will benefit from this meditation practice. This technique helps to ensure that your body and mind relax thanks to the focus and the focus of attention. “In the beginning, about a month before the exam, or final exam, or an important moment in meditation.”

Ossevoort do prefer to meditate when he goes to sleep. “The state of your brain, and you can get good instructions to your plants. Imagine, for example, in the time that you have your degree already been served. Then, you go with the strength in the exam with the idea that you are not going to pick it up.”

Fear of failure, in and of itself is in accordance with Huijsmans not such a bad thing. The uncertainty is holding us in her alertness and reaction. “Do you have a healthy and in shape, then you can get the very best out of yourself and you will come up with the most happiness. Therefore, it is important to have a fear of failure and to eliminate it, but above all, it is a healthy form of distress.”

Here’s how to start with, meditate for five to ten minutes)

  • Pull up a chair, sit down, keep your back straight and rest your hands loosely in your lap or on your knees
  • Just close your eyes and bring your awareness to your body and feel how your feet touch the ground, how your legs and buttocks are in contact with the seat and how you get to the back of the back rest touches the soul. Feel how heavy your head actually is. This includes your whole body with your attention from your toes up to your head
  • Now you are breathing in. Where are you feeling the most? In your stomach? You in the chest? Of your nostrils? Follow the breath in that location for a while, you have to pay attention: from the very beginning of your inhalation until it is at the end of your exhale. To change, nothing to mark him, to
  • You will notice that you will find yourself dwelling with your own thoughts, bring your attention gently back to your breath. What sometimes helps is to breath, to count: 1, on an inhale and 2 on exhale, 3 on the inhalation, etc.). Until you get to 10. Then you start again at 1.

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