FCC chairman is on The back of the auction to free up spectrum in the C-band for 5G

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – the Federal Communications Commission, and Chairman, Ajit Pai, said on Monday it supports a public auction to free up spectrum, a key band which is currently used for the delivery of video content to the next-generation of 5G wireless networks, which is an announcement of a major satellite shares are down 40%.

FILE PHOTO: Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, will speak on the WSJTECH Live conference in Laguna Beach, California, USA-October 21, 2019. REUTERS/Mike Blake

The C-band is a block of spectrum used by the satellite company’s customers will be able to provide video and radio programming are over 120 million U.S. households and is considered to be the most likely to be a short-term source of available spectrum for 5G use. Experts believe that in the C-band spectrum can be divided into the maintenance of existing services and the delivery of 5G services.

Pai said that he was in favour of a public auction sale of the 280 megahertz of C-band. “I am convinced that the conduct of a public auction that gives everyone a fair chance to compete for it #5G spectrum, while maintaining availability of the top 200 megahertz (MHz) of the band, and the continuation of the delivery of the programming,” he wrote on Twitter.

The large satellite service providers such as Intelsat SA, Telesat, and SES SA, the holder of the existing C-band licenses, the proposed sale of spectrum to private wireless carriers, with the argument that it’s a private sale would be for the spectrum to be available for the 5G be faster. But the criticism by some U.S. lawmakers.

Shares in Intelsat, declined from 40 percent in extremely heavy trading in New York at $8.03.

The satellite companies, it said in a statement that The proposal is not to address “the critical involvement of the incumbent satellite operators, to carry out the complex task of the reconfiguration and the transformation of their networks.”

The group added that it was going to be working with the FCC to develop an effective plan to achieve the best possible results for the American public, while protecting the interests of our users, and the rights of our companies.”

FCC officials told reporters on a conference call, The schedule for its auction proposal to the commission for a vote at the beginning of next year.

An FCC official confirmed that, after a Republican Senator, John f. Kennedy increased the C-band problem, with the President, Donald Trump, Trump called The on Jan. 30 “in order to find out what the problem was.”

Because He does not have a say on how the spectrum should be sold off, and the White House, it was not necessary to have a public description of the call, and no one in the White House, you will have an opinion, the FCC official said. The White House declined to comment.

In the Mid-band spectrum is critical for the 5G, because it provides both geographic coverage and the ability to transmit large amounts of data — a combination that is attractive to business owners and wireless for consumers,” Pai said in a letter to the administrators of the law.

He said that the FCC should be in the C-band spectrum available for 5G soon,” adding that he proposed “to preserve the availability of the top 200 megahertz of this band is the continuation of the delivery of the programme.”

Verizon Communications Inc. said on Monday that “each and every auction will have to provide the appropriate incentives and protections in order to ensure that it can be used for a short period of time.

“In China, and other countries already have large blocks of mid-band spectrum to carriers for a 5G, and there is a risk that these countries will be the hub of the 5G innovation and investment, we are not able to act promptly in order to do the same thing,” It said.

AT&T Inc. said earlier this month at a private auction and could lead to substantial legal challenges, and said that the FCC should be involved in the development and oversight of the auction process.

The two Republican senators said Monday that they had introduced legislation to require that the spectrum auction will begin before the end of 2020, at least 50% of the value of the proceeds of the auction will be reserved for the AMERICAN taxpayer.

Report by David Shepardson; Editing by Tom Brown

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