FC Utrecht weather is on lead against Heracles in play-offs

The finalists for the play-offs for a place in the second qualifying round of the Europa League will be Tuesday night known. FC Utrecht defends to 18.30 hours a 2-0-lead against Heracles Almelo. Vitesse should at home against FC Groningen (20.45 hours), a 2-1-behind cleaning. Follow the duels in our liveblog.

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  • LIVE:
  • Utrecht-Heracles (1-0)
  • 20.45 hours:
  • Vitesse-Groningen

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 2 minutes geleden61′ Gyrano Church gets a great chance on the 2-0 after a good pass of Dessers, but the attacker fails eye-to-eye with goalkeeper Janis Blaswich.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 2 minutes agoThe visitors from Almelo now need to score three goals to make it to the finals of the play-offs. There, Heracles is still a half hour before.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 6 minutes ago57′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-0

Simon Gustafson fails even now not from the dot and makes it 1-0 for FC Utrecht. We get, in any case, no extension in The Galgenwaard.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 7 minutes ago56′ Penalty for Utrecht!

Mats Knoester works Dessers to the ground and so the ball on the dot.
FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 10 minutes geleden53′ Bahebeck scores, but the goal does not go through. The Frenchman was all the meantime, for hands.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 14 minutes geleden49′ Bahebeck returns again and seems to continue. So have a Lawyer yet not have to begin to change number three. The rest came Lukas Görtler for Boussaid.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 15 minutes geleden48′ Oei. Jean-Christophe Bahebeck, rest Bazoer replaced, is in a lot of pain on the ground. A lawyer also has in the rest all changed. Here comes change number three or can the Frenchman continue?FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 18 minutes geleden46′ We play football again in Utrecht. Fall off in the second company’s goals?FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 22 minutes geledenDe statistics of the first half in The Galgenwaard:

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo

  • Possession: 33%-66%
  • Shots: 3-6
  • Purpose: 0-3
  • Corners: 3-3

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 34 minutes agoThe peace in Utrecht! Still no goals, and so is the midway point 0-0. FC Utrecht won Saturday 2-0 in Almelo therefore the team of Lawyer is tentative to the final.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 36 minutes geleden44′ We are approaching the peace in Utrecht. A rebound midway through the first half provided some opportunities on, but all in all it’s still not in The Galgenwaard. The visitors will a tooth need to listen, they want to still claim the finale of the play-offs.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour geleden31′ Again creates a chance for Heracles after fiddling with the home team. This time, pops Bradley Kuwas the ball towards the top corner, but now has the goalkeeper Jensen a rescue in the house.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour ago, As happens in the beginning almost nothing, but have both teams in a short time, nevertheless a huge chance on the opening goal. It is still 0-0 and that will be especially FC Utrecht is fine.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour geleden24′ On the other hand it is also a huge opportunity. Cyril Dessers is gone after a counter, and places the ball ready for ‘ Uthman Boussaid, but the young attacker to see his shot blocked by a inglijdende Dario Van den Buijs.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour geleden22 ” Out of nothing there is a huge chance for Heracles Almelo. Adrián Dalmau gets the ball just in the feet pushed from the Rico Strieder, but the Spanish striker shoots against goalkeeper David Jensen.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour geleden20 ” No, Bazoer may not continue. The midfielder runs directly to the locker room.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour geleden18 ” There is still rather little in The Galgenwaard. Riechedly Bazoer is going to sit on the floor and doesn’t seem to be able to. That is the first moment of excitement in this duel.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour ago,Heracles has a minimum of two goals needed to view to keep in the final of the play-offs. The visitors are looking for in the initial phase of the attack, but are still not dangerous. FC Utrecht aims with the speed up front on the counter and does of course also (for now) not to score.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour geleden1′ The ball is rolling for the return of the diptych between FC Utrecht and Heracles Almelo.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour geledenDe players come onto the field in The Galgenwaard. We will go over a few minutes to start.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · one hour geledenNog all the names to the kick-off to appear on a row:

FC Utrecht: Jensen; Klaiber, Janssen, Bergström, Gavory; Bazoer, Strieder, Gustafson; Church, Dessers, Boussaid.

Heracles Almelo: Blaswich; Breukers, Droste, Van den Buijs, Knoester, Czyborra; Osman, Merkel; Kuwas, Dalmau, Dos Santos.Play-offs European football · 2 hours geledenWat is the final of the play-offs?

  • FC Utrecht-FC Groningen
  • FC Utrecht-Vitesse
  • Heracles Almelo-FC Groningen
  • Heracles Almelo-Vitesse

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 2 hours agoThe Domstedelingen won last Saturday with 0-2 in Almelo, the netherlands. The team of Attorney is therefore the favourite to make the final of the play-offs, but the last European season teaches us that there is still everything possible.FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 3 hours geledenEn these are the eleven names of Frank Wormuth:

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AvatarAuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen17:08 – 21 may 2019FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · 3 hours geledenDe installation of Dick Advocaat for the duel of 18.30 in Utrecht:

📋 The team of #fcutrecht for the match of tonight against @HeraclesAlmelo!
Come on Utreg! 💪
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AvatarAuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen16:49 – 21 may 2019Play-offs of European football · 3 hours geledenHet program for the play-offs tonight:

18.30 pm:

  • FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo (2-0)

20.45 hours:

  • Vitesse-FC Groningen (1-2)

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