FC Groningen and Heerenveen in the balance after a spectacular derby

FC Groningen and Heerenveen in the balance after a spectacular derby

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FC Groningen and sc Heerenveen have Sunday the Derby of the North settled in a spectacular tie. It was 3-3 in the Noordlease Stadium, helped by three hits in the last ten minutes.

Heerenveen started out well at the encounter with Groningen. Morten Thorsby said, in reference to Denzel Dumfries already after six minutes the opening goal.

Heerenveen and Groningen held each other afterwards, reasonable in balance, but it was the Marbles that just before half-time the lead increased by Reza Ghoochannejhad on the edge offside close binnentikte.

FC Groningen came after rest well from the dressing room and after 53 minutes was the aansluitingstreffer already on the scoreboard through Lars Veldwijk. Heerenveen kept the shrunk edge for a long time, but Groningen got after 81 minutes still pay to work, when Mimoun Mahi a penalty is used: 2-2.

The second half was the start of a spectacular final, in which Wigan by a hit of Thorsby four minutes before time, to the winning hand seemed. Groningen had two minutes later, however, once again a penalty and again it was the Mahi that the windfall redeemed and thus the final score at 3-3.

FC Groningen and Heerenveen in balance

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With the Derby of the North in the first round, there was a lot on the game for FC Groningen and Heerenveen. The visitors knew of in that respect a droomstart, because Thorsby got the hometown audience in the Noordlease Stadium after just six minutes of quiet with a rake header to indicate of Dumfries.

The early hit, led incidentally also to injuries to the side at Heerenveen. Goalkeeper Warner Hahn fourth, the early hit is extended with the fans, but he did that a bit too exuberant. The of the Team came goalkeeper sustained a shoulder injury and had to be exchanged for Wouter van der Steen, making his first official appearance in the jersey of Heerenveen was limited to nine minutes.

Heerenveen and Groningen have held each other in the remainder of the first half reasonably in balance. For Groningen were Veldwijk and Mahi close to the end, but substitute Van der Steen kept his goal clean. On the other hand, it was just for rest or touch. Ghoochannejhad tapped from close to touch, and once again, it was Dumfries the principal.

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Set up

FC Groningen went on under the guidance of a flute concerto the dressing room for the rest, but it came fifteen minutes later, however, strong. The team of trainer Ernest Faber crowds Heerenveen back in their own half and forced after 53 minutes the aansluitingstreffer. Veldwijk omspeelde several defenders and, then, coldly.

Heerenveen couldn’t be much more than a stop, while FC Groningen have multiple chances in a row created by Juninho Bacuna and Mahi. Heerenveen remained for a long time, with some improvisation up and had ten minutes before time, even a great opportunity to put the game on lock throw, but Thorsby worked the ball through the outside of the pole next to it.

Where Heerenveen failed to decide the match, the stronger FC Groningen are still next to the Marbles. Lucas Woudenberg made in the penalty area in violation of Jesper Drost, after which referee Pol van Boekel to the dot be. Mahi went behind the ball and did not fail in the completion: 2-2.

Both teams and took no pleasure with a point, what a spectacular final lap. Heerenveen looked to have the winning hand after Thorsby goalkeeper Sergio Padt devoured, but Groningen laughed as the last after Van Boekel again at the dot exercise. Mahi lap again, impeccable touch and gave his team a hard fought point.

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