FC Den Bosch is asking Jordania to the end of ‘the complex’ co-operation

FC Den Bosch has the investor’s Kakhi Jordania, Wednesday, in writing, at the end of the co-operation is requested. The club, in the Kitchen and the Champion Division is made to prevent the situation between the two sides further and further out of hand.

Earlier this month, with the acquisition of FC Den Bosch by a Jordania finally rejected by the appeals committee of the Dutch fa (KNVB). It is the decision of the licensing committee, which has been maintained.

Jordania, wanted to seize have the property of FC ‘ s-hertogenbosch, because the Georgian is of the opinion that he has yet to 810.000 euros and the club will receive. The judge asked him last week to be in the wrong.

With FC Den Bosch last week, due to Jordania before the court, it was reported, went to the clubleiding to the conclusion that the co-operation with him, was too complex for a common future,” report to the club on Wednesday in a statement.

“In today’s-driven proposal is to describe how the FC Den Bosch, Jordania from each other in the eyes of the clubleiding. The proposal also aims at FC Den Bosch in the conversation, and come up with a solution, when there is no right to have.”

Financial concerns continue to be great

The failed take-over by Jordania, the son of a former Vitesse owner, Merab Jordania, the financial worries for FC Den Bosch and great stay. The people from the netherlands to the 26th of August to get the budget together.

We’ve asked the court to FC Den Bosch in all respects in favour of the club at the start of the new season, the house benefits from a further delay due to a legal rather than diplomatic means”, according to FC Den Bosch, which is further emphasized Jordania to be grateful for what he does for the club to have done so.

FC Den Bosch went on last season in the play-offs for promotion to the Premier league is wrong. It’s a new season in the Kitchen in the Champion Division will be on Friday the 9th of August started out with a uitduel, with a Young DAME.

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