FC Den Bosch has said, still the racism of his own supporters to go and explore

FC Den Bosch will do to demand investigation into possible racism by their own supporters at the Excelsior player Was Following a Touch. The Brabant club is proposed, initially, that it is a “kraaiengeluiden” of their own supporters did this.

The referee stopped the game in the first half still, once the arsenal of the luxury hotel said racist in any way, to be. “It was in the very first minute all of in person. Then there was the ‘k-black’, ‘k- ‘plan’, ‘katoenplukker’ and ‘Black Pete’ I said. That gives me a lot of pain,” said a Canadian subject at the end.

“The statements made by Grand-player Poker for FC Den Bosch and lead to further research in order to find out exactly what it is called, from the stands,” writes the club on Twitter.

FC Den Bosch to be on racism, in a statement by the hand, and said “kraaiengeluiden”. “That date back to the period of time by Hans Kraay, jr., for the club to play with. Any winger of the opposing team that is on the side of Celebrate-stand, the ball is in, it is frequently treated as a kraaienconcert”, he wrote to FC Den Bosch on their website.

The club, in the Kitchen and the Champion Division is regrettable that there is “the appearance of racism or discrimination, it is there. “Let one thing be clear: the FC Den Bosch and distances itself from anything that has to do with this, and acts powerfully on stadionbezoekers who are guilty of it.”

‘Occurrence, causes unnecessary loading environment

The contest (3-3), it was Sunday, a quarter of an hour-long shutdown, due to the spreekkoren to the address of the Following Series. “The incident has led to an unnecessary loading of the atmosphere. We find it regrettable that in a debate, which now has a strongly political flavour, it is linked to the FC Den Bosch, writing is a good thing.

Trainer, Erik and van de Ven, van Den Bosch and wild at FOX Sports, did not respond to the incident. “The club has made a statement and I stand behind it,” was the only thing he wanted.

Mendes-Moreira told us at FOX Sports that the fact that there was racism from the stands. “You can’t accept it and need something to be done about it,” said the midfielder who, later in the game, the second goal of the luxury hotel was made.

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THE announced measures

On the television was a supporter of FC Den Bosch in the Hitlergroet brought in the direction of Mendes-Moreira. The Dutch fa (KNVB) announced in a brief message to hard-action to be taken.

“In football, there is no place for racism. Unfortunately, racism is a social problem that, in football, sometimes it is the head-start,” according to the association.

“This is at odds with what we want to do with sports, people will connect to it. Therefore, we are acting hard on the issue of racism.”

In accordance with the Dutch fa (KNVB) has performed an arbitrator, Laurens Gerrets is good on the game, temporarily shut down and later restart. “Our protocol is to spreekkoren Sunday correctly applied.”

“We are now working with the club to see how the culprits can be tracked down and dealt with. In conclusion, this incident is over, an independent tuchtrechtsysteem to be further investigated.”

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