FC Den Bosch-chairman, will have lifelong impose for racist fans

Chair: Jan-Hein Schouten of team FC Den Bosch it is going to be the fans, which is a Sunday at the thuisduel with the Advantage to be guilty, made at the racism of a lifetime, to impose on them. The club wants to be the culprits as soon as possible, figure it out.

The game between the Kitchen and the Champion Division clubs, it was for the rest to shut down after a luxury hotel-the attacker Was Following a Canadian clear, it was treated by a section of the Den Bosch supporters. The game was played.

After the match, took up the controversy by the explanation of the FC Den Bosch, and the response of the coach as Erik van der Ven. Both the club and the coach is now on the come back.

“There’s a storm over us come to where we have not yet considered. We found out quite quickly that there is a strong error in judgment has been made,” says the chairman of the Rowlands on Monday against NUsport.

“We have put our time in to get a good overview by means of interviews with the suppoosten, the players and the people who are closer to the stage. It was then a very different picture emerged.”

The “hard core” of FC Den Bosch misdroeg in the thuisduel with a luxury hotel. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

‘Like a structural statement to make’

Rowlands will continue to address these issues with FC Den Bosch, and severe penalties are imposed. “We want to make it very clear, it is a structural statement against racism. We are looking for people to identify them. This means that they are in the stadium and what we will never get there,” he says.

“We have to make use of the audio and video, and in the meantime, the images of FOX Sports is available to us. If you’re still dealing with racism, then you really don’t understand it.”

The president is also in talks with the sponsors of the football club ‘ s-hertogenbosch. “In order to talk about how we may be able to rid myself of. As a club, you’re in a place of the company, which is being used by people who like to be idiots to behave. We will need to address the question of how far our ability extends, to prevent this.”

The issue is in the thoughts of those in the Netherlands are quite busy. As announced by the Public Prosecutor’s office, a study, and let the CONTROL know the action to take, and said the Dutch international Georginio Wijnaldum could be be shocked at.

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