FC Den Bosch acknowledges, is still racism: “didn’t mark misgeslagen’

FC Den Bosch on Monday, still I admit that some of the following to occur on Sunday, in the thuisduel with the Advantage (3-3) is found guilty of racism. The club will come out of the Kitchen Champion of a Division, go deep into the soil, and makes an apology for the first comment on the story.

Advantage-the player Was Following a Touch in the first half, has allegedly been a member for the ‘k-black’, ‘k- ‘plan’, ‘katoenplukker’ and ‘Zwarte Piet’. The referee Laurens Gerrets, decided the match in the Stadium De Vliert, after a half hour’s halt, although the match was a quarter of an hour later, they resumed.

The Bosch has released a declaration in which the club had argued that the kraaiengeluiden” from the fans, to the players of the opposing team out of their game. Trainer, Erik van der Ven took his place after the game is behind that statement, but it was there on the Sunday, all on the back. Now it is also going to Den Bosch, to penetrate deep in the fabric.

“We have a shelf full misgeslagen with the quick statement,” he writes in Den Bosch on Monday on the website of the club. “The reaction has been, a mistake for which the club apologised to everybody and in particular to the Following Series.”

“We are deeply shocked as a result of the talks, which on Monday followed up with the players and other people involved. There were definitely racist remarks to have been made from the other one. The club will do further research on what has been happening and will continue to do all of the work and the people who have been found guilty of this behaviour to find out and punish you.”

Was Mendes-Moreira, left, angry, and emotional to the to field in ‘ s-hertogenbosch. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Grapperhaus, asks BOARD to take action

Earlier on Monday, it was announced to the Public prosecution service (OM) in the East of Brabant, an investigation into the events. “The police and the footage is going to look at it to see what exactly happened and who is responsible for” said a spokesman of the front

Ferd Grapperhaus, secretary of Justice and Security, on Monday in a letter to the BOARD of directors, and Eric Gudde, and Jan Bluyssen, manager competitiezaken) is sent to remind you that something needs to be done.

“The incident shows that this is a topic that is high on the priority list for your organization’s needs. Discrimination, racism, and anti-semitic statements in football, and in our society that must be eradicated,” he writes Grapperhaus.

“I want you to go on to more concrete actions with a view to non-discrimination in football, and like to go with you on this further in the discussion. Also, I would like to hear what you are looking at the possibility of a points deduction and the use of the soccer stars as role models, in our joint struggle against this evil.”

Was Mendes-Moreira celebrates his hit on the box with The Bosch fans out there. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Van der Ven does a tax return because of the threats

The netherlands trainer Van de Ven received several threats as a result of his initial reaction to the story. He had slept in last night, not at home, and did so on Monday reported it to the police. Van de Ven went on Monday back to the club to train and lead.

The coach said Sunday night in a conversation with FOX Sports, though he regretted the fact that he’s Following Series, a “pathetic little man” was called, by which time he had been hit in the 44th minute in a provocative, decided to follow the box with The Bosch fans out there.

“It wasn’t for that kid to deal with them, because it seems to me to be a very kind-hearted and outstanding young man. I didn’t have to say it, but it is at this point, however, is a bit over-inflated. I stand behind the Following Series, which is 100 per cent,” says Van de Ven.

The racist remarks made quite a stir among the players of the Dutch national team and head coach, Ronald Koeman. Georginio Wijnaldum mentioned the events Monday, “a very, very shocking and grievous” – and didn’t have a good word to say about the way in which in Den Bosch, in the first instance responded to.

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