FBI warns parents about risks in smartspeelgoed

FBI warns parents about risks in smartspeelgoed

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The American federal police FBI warns parents about the privacy and security risks in children’s toys that have a connection to the internet.

Monday placed the FBI a warning on its website that such toys contains components such as microphones, cameraatjes, GPS, data storage, and speech recognition which will ensure that sensitive information doorgespeelt can be.

According to the FBI would have a normal conversation with or in the vicinity of a toys doll can make sure that information such as the name of the child, the school, what the child did or did not like and other personal information in the wrong hands can fall.

The so-called smartspeelgoed is becoming more popular in use and ensures that big firms learn and adapt their products based on how the user (the child) deal with, for example, a (talking) toy bear.

How it works toys doll Cayla


In February, it was the talking doll ‘Cayla’ is attached in Germany. The doll, manufactured by the American company Genesis Toys, it would be easy to hack. Because of the huge security risks that this datalek brings with it was parents advised to take the doll to destroy.

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