FBI warns of cyber threat to US is that it’s going to be ‘variety’ of actors from China

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The new cyber-and digital-national security threats come not only from terrorists, but a “surge” in counter-espionage campaigns from of China, the FBI said this week.

ISIS, homegrown terrorists have been very effective in recruiting supporters through social media and the internet, the FBI’s Director, Christopher Wray, and others, intelligence officials said on Feb. 5, the testimony of witnesses before the Senate Homeland Security Committee held a hearing on security threats to the country.

“With the wide spread of social media, terrorists can spot, assess, recruit, and radicalize vulnerable people of all ages in the U.S., or to travel to a foreign country or to carry out an attack in the country,” Wray said in a statement.

File photo, FBI Director: Christopher Wray testifies before a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, hearing on “Threats to the homeland” on Capitol Hill in Washington, d.c., USA, Oct. 27, 2017. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)


The internet gives the terrorists immediate access to their local American communities, and the opportunity to spread their message “more quickly than we thought it would be a couple of years ago,” he added.

Wray also pointed to the domestic violent extremists, and hate groups around the world reach from the internet. To combat the threat, the FBI created a Domestic Terrorism-Hate Crimes to the Fusion Cell, in the spring, Wray continued.

However, Wray spent much of his time during the hearing of the widespread presence and the persistence of the threat posed by China to U.s. innovation.

In fact, China makes use of a wide range of bad actors in order to steal information from the united states, he pointed out.

“[It’s] not just the Chinese, intelligence officers, and the people they appeal to in order to get them to help out as a hired hacker,” he said in his opening remarks. Wray added that, in a wide range of Chinese posing as an innocent, university graduate students and researchers working on behalf of China.

“We have seen that the Chinese government is encouraging and supporting the abuse of incentive schemes, such as the so-called Thousand Talents program,” he said, referring to the Chinese and international scientists, according to the Financial Times.


Generally, this type of activity is a serious threat to the economic security and national security. It is also a threat to American jobs, farms, and big cities alike,” he said.

The FBI has approximately 1,000 investigations related to the theft of the united states. on the basis of the technology is that brings you back to China, ” he said. “This is a significant increase from just a few years ago.”

In addition, the FBI has the emphasis on how things are going after cyber threats, and is focused more on exploration and less on break-in.

“It’s great to set the locks, and the cameras and the lights around the outside of your home,” Wray pointed out. “But if the man has already managed to pay for someone else to be in the basement, and it’s just hanging out there, all of the stuff on the outside isn’t going to do a whole lot to do.”

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