FBI staff disciplined for unauthorised disclosure of were given lighter punishments according to the internal audit, docs show

nearvideo potential legal problems loom for Comey, in spite of the avoidance of prosecution for leaks

Justice Department declines criminal prosecution of a former FBI Director about the leaked memos; reaction of Reps. Tom McClintock, and Andy Biggs.

At least 14 FBI employees, according to the Agency’s internal ethics Department for unauthorized disclosure of secret or sensitive information in the last three years, according to the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) documents the conservative transparency group Judicial Watch.

The documents, published on Tuesday, offered a window into what the Department of Justice Inspector General (IG) has proved to be a culture of leaking to the FBI, which supposedly permeated by the office of the highest level, and how the Agency’s policy itself. In several cases, the documents show that OPR reduced proposed penalties for FBI employees were significantly.

IG and DOJ reviews of the FBI’s handling of the counter-espionage probe into President Trump’s team, and the associated questions have not yet been completed.

“We have deep concerns about the scope and extent of the non-authorized media-contacts from the FBI employees that we have discovered in our review,” the IG wrote a bomb of a report from last year, in view of the fact that some of the FBI’s improper press releases, came out of the phones in the Agency’s Washington, DC headquarters.

The IG added: “the FBI entry tickets to sports events by journalists, went on Golf trips with media representatives, were treated to food and drinks according to the work of journalists, and were the guests of the journalists at the non-public social events.”


Penalties for the violations alleged in the new OPR files were sufficient, to pay, letters of reprimand, and a week-long suspensions without multiple summary dismissals.

FOIA OPR docs re: Unauthorized disclosure of Fox News on Scribd

According to the documents, in June 2017, OPR found that a senior FBI employees “abused the FBI database, and if confidential information of a former FBI employees.” The staff thought he “had the support of his division, to his choice,” and, finally, received a letter of reprimand from the bureau’s top brass, instead of OPR 15-day suspension recommended.

In October 2017, an unknown FBI employee was recommended for termination, OPR, instead of but received a 45-day unpaid suspension.

In January 2019, a other employees a 60-day, unpaid suspension, instead of termination recommended by OPR received.

A member of staff was due to “investigative deficiency – improper handling of documents or property, in the care, custody, or control of the government; the unauthorized disclosure of classified/law enforcement sensitive/, the “grand jury “information” and “error – administrative.” He received only a 10-calendar-day suspension wtihout numbers in February 2018, instead of the proposed 30-calendar-day suspension.

A file is closed on the 20. March 2018, which is referring to the former FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, States in climate protection, the employee had a “remarkable performance record” and was “facing unprecedented challenges and pressure”, when he “published the FBI’s Confidential information to a reporter, and it lacked sincerity, under oath and under oath, questioned if about it.”


Nevertheless, a factor in the “worsening” was that the staff “held an extremely high position and it was expected that comport themselves with the highest integrity” and “lack of openness is not compatible with the FBI’s core values.”

“OPR’s PROPOSED DECISION: Proposed DISMISSAL” of the document stated, noting that then-attorney General Jeff Sessions would need, for final approval.

“OPR FINAL DECISION: DISMISSAL,” the file is closed.

FILE – In this 7. June 2017, file photo, then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe listens during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, file)

McCabe’s injury resulted from his answer to a in the October of 2016, the Wall Street Journal report on a significant campaign donations from Democrats, McCabe’s wife, Jill, during her campaign for the Virginia State Senate. An IG investigation revealed that McCabe instructed the FBI’s lawyer, Lisa Page, and the FBI public affairs Director Michael Kortan work with the Journal reporter, the record set straight.

McCabe later, the DOJ sued to obtain documents in connection with this termination, while another former senior anti-Trump, FBI officials, Peter Strzok, announced Tuesday he was downright against the Bureau, on its termination.

An investigative source told Fox News, the page is claims for the investigator to be “critical”, because you disagreed with your boss, McCabe. According to the source, the McCabe’s lack of openness about dealing with the Journal-reporter led to his dismissal. The source added that the site objected to the testimony on the matter of McCabe. Then-FBI Director James Comey claimed that he would never have the leak admitted to the magazine.

Comey self-control in the last days was confronted. Last week, the bureau documents obtained by judicial Watch revealed that FBI agents went to be Comey house, and retrieved, as “proof” a secret, previously unrecorded memo he wrote after he was fired as FBI Director.


In addition, Comey agents said “spontaneous”, that is, to “the best of his memory, two [memos] were absent,” said the documents.

The day after the agent visited his home, Comey acknowledged in congressional testimony that he had leaked memos, the Special Counsel, Robert Müller would allegedly appointed to document his contemporaneous recollections of his conversations with President Trump, through a friend, so that. Comey wrote, for example, that Trump allegedly demanded his loyalty and he said he hopes that the FBI has had the Michael Flynn thing “go.”

After the fact, the FBI two classified these notes as “confidential.”

However, the DOJ has decided last week against the persecution Comey for classified information, according to a criminal referral from the IG, sources familiar with the deliberations told Fox News.

Free subscription for James Comey? Sources say that DOJ pursue FBI Director fired for leaking memos, the

Sources confirm to Fox News that the justice track, former FBI Director James Comey for leaking classified notes about his interactions with President Trump.

“Everyone involved at the DOJ in the decision, said it was a close one,” an official said. “They all thought, this could not be prosecuted.”

In April, a court ordered filing by the DOJ, Comey showed it to contain a number of sensitive and classified information in a series of extensive personal notes-including not only the details of his conversations with trump, but also the “code name and the true identity” of a confidential source.

The submission acknowledged that Comey claimed, a far more detailed and lengthy your own paper trail as far as is known, and that the Federal investigators, hoping, apparently, to use Comey to test for the simultaneous, secret writings, the truthfulness of Trump’s comments as part of the then ongoing obstruction of justice request.


Comey meticulously described “foreign intelligence information gained from and about” the most important human source “information about whether the FBI-initiated reporting is used by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to a specific Person, a” relevant “sources and methods” of the FBI investigation and the “information about the President’s foreign policy decision-making,” says the DOJ.

All the information was classified, “current and correct,” the DOJ stated.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.

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