FBI launch official investigation into riots in Charlottesville

FBI launch official investigation into riots in Charlottesville

The U.s. federal investigation FBI begins Sunday, together with the police of the state of Virginia, an official investigation into the riots that Friday and Saturday, were raging in the streets of Charlottesville.

When the riots were dead and more than thirty wounded. In addition, four people were arrested.

The 20-year-old James Alex Fields from Ohio has been arrested and indicted for manslaughter. The police suspected him of the killing of a protester and five attempt to murder by using his car on a group of people to drive.

The research also focuses on the crash of a police helicopter during the demonstration. When that crash came Saturday, two police officers to life. Currently, one out of a fatal accident.

Car drives into protesters Charlottesville

In the American city of Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia, is Saturday, a car drove into a group of protesters.

In the incident was dead and over thirty wounded.

Rescue workers and volunteers have the wounded to the hospital.

On the images to see the vehicle on Saturday multiple people creates and then rapidly drive away.

A 20-year-old man is suspected of killing a protester and five attempt to murder by using his car on a group of people to drive.

The FBI is an official investigation was started.

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American politicians have wroth, responded to the statement by president Donald Trump on the turmoil in Charlottesville. Trump spoke of “violence from many sides,” and called for mutual respect and charity.

It seemed to the president to criticism that he extreme right-wing groups, which in the protests were concerned, not with name had been mentioned. Also he said nothing about the driver who is at counter-protesters rammed.

Trump even got prominent members from his own Republican party, such as Marco Rubio and Chris Christie, criticized over its refusal the guilty party. Also from a democratic angle, came criticism, including from former president Bill Clinton and former vice-president Joe Biden.

“Mister president – we need evil in his name”, left the Republican senator Cory Gardner to know. And according to senator Marco Rubio is “very important for the country” that the president “events describes as it was, a terrorist attack by white nationalists”.

Republican senator Orrin Hatch tweeted: “My brother did not give his life in the fight against Hitler, so nazi ideas at home is not disputed would be.”


Demonstrations across the US against racism and violence

‘One side’

“There is only one side,” tweeted Biden. The Democratic senator Bernie Sanders called the demonstration “a provocative attempt by neo-nazis to racism to promote”.

Trumps declaration received a mixed reception on the side of the nazis. Ultra-nationalist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, which the president supported during his campaign, wrote on Twitter: “I can recommend a good to look in the mirror and you have to remember that the White Americans were that the president gave, not radical lefties.”

The neo-nazi magazine The Daily Stormer could the statement appreciate. “Trumps comments were good. He attacked us not to. He said only that the nation together had come. Nothing specific against us.”

Robert E. Lee

The demonstration of the extreme right-was organized by a blogger from Charlottesville, after the city decided a statue of general Robert E. Lee, military leader of the South during the American civil War, to remove.

Trump condoleerde on Twitter the family of 32-year-old woman who was killed and which of the two agents in a helicopter neerstortten.

There is only one side. #charlottesville


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