FBI investigates threats to jewish institutions, USA

FBI investigates threats to jewish institutions, USA

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The FBI has launched an investigation into the threats that dozens of jewish institutions in recent weeks have received. It was certainly 69 bommeldingen in 27 states, which often led to large evacuations.

Monday, there were still bommeldingen done at eleven jewish centers. Also were at least one jewish cemetery in St. Louis more than a hundred slabs was destroyed. For the threats and vandalism are still no arrests have been made.

The threats and bommeldingen have to much unrest among the jewish community. Also, the community is angry with president Trump, in their eyes to stay out of recession.

Eventually, sentenced the president to the violence Tuesday in a speech. “The anti-semitism that the jewish community has taken is terrible and painful”, said Trump. “It is a proof that there is still much to be done before all the hate and prejudice and evil the world is.”

Trump made his statements during a visit to the National Museum of African American History.


The fact that Trump until now refused to speak about anti-semitism, came to him earlier also been a lot of criticism. That he tjjdens the Holocaust commemoration at the end of January the six million by the nazi’s killed the jews not called, led to negative reactions. The White House stated in a comment that the nazis, not only jews were killed during the Second world War.

During a recent press conference with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave Trump in addition, an evasive answer to a question about the increase of the number of anti-semitic incidents in the US.

‘Too late’

Slick words that Trump Tuesday expressed, were mixed received. The Anne Frank Center in New York, an important American jewish institution, said in a statement to know that the criticism of Trump on the anti-semitic incidents “, too moderate and too late,” came.

A number of the closest advisers of Trump, such as Steve Over, and Steven Miller, belonging to the alt-right movement, which many supporters among extreme right-wing and anti-semitic groups.

Dozens of graves vandalized at Jewish cemetery USA

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