FBI explains female Freedom Fighter Bandit’ wanted in 9 Georgia bank heists

he FBI says Nilsa Marie Urena, 25, is called the “Freedom Fighter “Bandit” because she says they rob banks for a good cause.


The Atlanta FBI agents announced Monday the capture of the “Freedom Fighter “Bandit” who they said robbed nine banks, and told the tellers it was for a social purpose.

Nilsa Marie Urena, 25, was taken into custody Saturday, reportedly after robbing a bank in Tennessee Saturday. She wanted for a bank robbery spree, which began in October last year, and was concentrated in the Atlanta area.

Atlanta FBI spokesman Kevin Rowson said Urena earned her nickname “because she states that she is robbing the banks for a good cause.” He did not say what that was, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Her spree would have started Oct. 30 in Ellenwood.

Hiding her eyes behind the dark sunglasses and dressed in black, she went to the counter a note demanding money “for the street” and “for the movement,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last week before she was caught.

With each heist, they would claim that it was a bomb, police said.

Mugshot of Nilsa Marie Urena after her arrest in Tennessee, for robbing a bank in the vicinity of Nashville.

(Nashville Police Department)

She was also said to have used, several accomplices — the young men she recruited online, Fox 5 reported.


The FBI said it learned of her identity after the arrest of two teenagers who said it helped her with the robbery of a bank in Douglasville.

Rowson said Urena was wearing a white hoodie, and her face is partially covered with a bandana, two weeks ago, when they robbed a bank in downtown Dallas, out of Atlanta.

She would have made of the cash-in any case, but the FBI would not say how much.

Rowson told Fox 5 Atlanta that a car-service driver helped local police nab Urena.

He said Urena had the driver of the getaway car. The driver told the police her name.

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