FBI denies arrest in the investigation related to three attacks

FBI denies arrest in the investigation related to three attacks

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The FBI is investigating whether there is a connection between the three terrorist attacks in the United States last weekend.

The FBI denies that arrests are made in connection with the bombing in New York. Monday morning, reported to ABC News that five people were arrested.

The suspects would be arrested by the FBI and the New York Police Department (NYPD) when they have a bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island wanted to cross the road. “We have a vehicle stop, but there are no arrests were carried out”, said a spokeswoman for the FBI.

At bomb attacks in New Jersey and New York, and a twinge in Minnesota were a total of 38 people wounded. The federal police are watching now or the bombs used in New Jersey and New York match up and whether there is a connection between the three attacks.


With the explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York became in the night from Saturday to Sunday, 29 people injured. In Minnesota found a stabbing took place, with nine injured and one in New Jersey blew up Saturday, a pijpbom without victims.

In the district of Chelsea was zateragnacht a moment later a bomb was found which is similar to the bomb used in the attack during the Boston marathon in 2013.

Video: People run away after explosion in Manhattan

People are running away after the explosion Manhattan


Terreurbeweging Islamic State (IS) claimed sole responsibility for the stabbing in Minnesota. When they got there, a man in a mall in St. Cloud nine people.

The American police describes the three attacks as deliberate criminal attacks with possible terrorist strike. Further research should reveal what the exact motives are.

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