FBI agents Comey’s house, retrieved a secret memo written after its termination

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Former House Oversight Committee chair Trey Gowdy reacts to James Comey ‘ s op-ed, and the need to investigate the investigators.

FBI agents went to James Comey house, and retrieved, as “proof” a secret, previously unrecorded memo, he designed the night before the agents came after he was fired as FBI Director, according to bureau documents released on Wednesday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from the transparency group Judicial Watch.

In addition, Comey agents said “spontaneous”, that is, to “the best of his memory, two [memos] were absent,” said the documents.

A source familiar confirmed the probe to Fox News that the DOJ Inspector General’s office the review was whether Comey’s memos, classified improperly contained information about, among other things.

Comey fell on 9. May 2017, and on the morning of the 7. In June, an FBI evidence log showed that he is the agent handed over the three memos, which consists of one or two pages, dated February 14, 2017; 30. March 2017; and April 11, 2017. Comey also, if a four-dated pages-memo, “last night around 6:30.”


In talks with agents in his house, Comey noted that the “second page had the memo of March 30, 2017, the wrong banner line classification SECRET//NOFORN rather than UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO at the top and at the bottom of the second page.”

The FBI document does not elaborate on the contents of the memo Comey drafted that night before the agent visited, nor was it to explain how Comey maybe mislabeled to have a memo as classified.


The day after the agent visited his home, Comey acknowledged in congressional testimony that he had leaked memos, the Special Counsel, Robert Müller would allegedly appointed to document his contemporaneous recollections of his conversations with President Trump, through a friend, so that. Comey documented, for example, that Trump allegedly demanded his loyalty and he said he hopes that the FBI has had the Michael Flynn thing “go.”

“I woke up in the middle of the night in the night of Monday, because it doesn’t dawn on me initially that it might be a confirmation of our conversations, maybe a Band, my judgment was that I needed to get to share that in the public square, and so I asked a friend of mine, the contents of the memo with a reporter,” Comey said at the time. “I have not asked themselves for a variety of reasons, but him, because I thought that it may be urged, the appointment of a special counsel. I asked a close friend of mine to do.”

According to the FBI documents, “According to the collection of Cornelius, the memos were firmly locked in a General Services Administration safe approved” in the FBI headquarters, then transported “and in proof at the FBI Washington Field Office control center the evidence.”

One of the two missing memos, Comey said, was written, sometime between 7. January 2017 and 20. January of this year, after the trump suit is called Comey.


The second memo was written after the trump color is requested Comey talk to him about a sensitive matter, which was “all business”, Comey, the representative said. Comey said he was “on the way to an FBI leadership conference in Leesburg, Virginia (9. March 2017), if he was redirected to respond to the freedom of the junction, to contact a request by Trump, him,” said the FBI memo. “Comey contacted the Trump of Liberty crossing on a top-Secret phone line.”

In April, a court ordered filing by the DOJ, Comey showed it to contain a number of sensitive and classified information in a series of extensive personal notes-including not only the details of his conversations with trump, but also the “code name and the true identity” of a confidential source.

Rep. Louie Gohmert presses Robert Müller on his friendship with the former FBI Director, James Comey

To rent Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert questions former Special Counsel Robert Muller about his relationship with James Comey and the people he chose, to his team.

The submission acknowledged that Comey claimed, a far more detailed and lengthy your own paper trail as far as is known, and that the Federal investigators, hoping, apparently, to use Comey to test for the simultaneous, secret writings, the truthfulness of Trump’s comments as part of the then ongoing obstruction of justice request.


Comey meticulously described “foreign intelligence information gained from and about” the most important human source “information about whether the FBI-initiated reporting is used by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to a specific Person, a” relevant “sources and methods” of the FBI investigation and the “information about the President’s foreign policy decision-making,” says the DOJ.

All the information was classified, “current and correct,” the DOJ stated.

In addition, Comey memos included the documentation of the “non-public interactions” between “certain foreign governments and officials,” and U.S. government officials. The disclosure of such details, the Ministry of justice insisted, “to influence reasonably to be expected” “the United States is their relationship with these countries.”

The existence and content only a few details of some of Comey’s notes have been partially friend with Comey leaked to the media by Comey know after its cancellation, and served as a catalyst for Müller date in may 2017. Comey has denied that he leaked secret information in the notes. A review of the matter by the DOJ Inspector General (IG) has been completed. a source said, Fox News, and the Minister of justice, William Barr, testified this past April that the DOJ was actively looking into the FBI leadership.


Separately, in may came out that the former attorney General, Loretta Lynch flat accused Comey of mischaracterizing your statements, by saying repeatedly, under oath, that Lynch pointed to private him, call the Hillary Clinton email probe a “thing” instead of an “investigation.”

Lynch, testified that Comey is the requirement of left her “quite surprised”, made the dramatic remarks at a joint closed-door meeting of the House Oversight and judiciary committees last December. A transcript of her testimony was recently released from House Judiciary Committee Ranking member Doug Collins, R-Ga.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.

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