Favorite books, as well As of Lust: ‘the Alphabetical order of the books is As well-something

What is the favorite book of a as well As Lust, which is the title at the top of her wish list, and the novel, once the steep back? it asks each and every month, a well-known Dutch person to have his or her favorite book.

What book are you reading right now?

“I have been an Inheritance at the reading of the Chemist and Of the Tongue. This is a psychological thriller about a female detective who is in command of a father’s search for a kidnapped little boy, that has been lost. This is a very exciting book, and I’m already on the way.”

“Kirsten van Dissel, is one of the authors is a friend of mine. She was the presenter of the investigation programme In the Site, – then-HE-NH, it is the first program that I have seen was on a new form. I do love books, and I’ve also, for example, what are the books of The Agency. It only needs to be accurate, otherwise the hook in me.”

What is the book that has recently made a big impression on you?

“It was a Rinkeldekink by Martine Bijl. My mother has ever had two strokes, and as a complication of the surgery was just like, Martine stroke. She was very damaged, and one year after died. Each of the neurological injury is different, and you can do it is not to be compared with each other, but to Jennifer this book is a glimpse of what it feels like, with anxiety and violent, it is to go from one to the other moment of your life has to be taken while you are still there, but you are.”

“Typically, for Jennifer it is that she does it with a touch; it combines sadness with a sense of humour. I found it to be very profound, and it has a big impact. I’ve always been a big fan of Jennifer, this is a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile. It’s so sad that her and her husband that this happened to them.”

What is your favorite book of all time? And if you have a favorite author?

“I think it’s hard to have a favorite book, but a very good author, I think by Niccolò Ammaniti. He wrote, among other things, I get in, I’ll take you away, and I don’t think that I both have read it.”

“He was an Italian who wrote about conditions in the Italian countryside, and it will take you really into the story. He writes a hugely exciting, although it took a long time before the books were out, because first, it is a good drink of water. That’s the power of a good author, you will want to read it, and I’d have to be a book very much.”

What book is on your wish list?

“What has long been on my to-do list is, is to Be invisible, by Murat Isik. Everyone is full of praise for it and it has been going on for a dozen awards, so I am asking myself as to why I have not yet read it.”

“The same goes for Tonio by A. F. Th. van der Heijden. I read often, only when my schedule allows it, but I’m going to resolve to get in between, however, and a half-an-hour’s time to deal with it.”

What book would you never read?

This may be the book for when I feel like it’s not for me, I read it from. Just like in the movie and the series, you will need to have a book with the characters. If this is not done, or if I didn’t go through, come as the act is written, or the zinsstructuren have to be complicated – I am not a fast reader – it takes me a long time. If I have to read in order to understand it, then you’ll lose me, then hook me.”

“I’ve got a bookcase with several shelves, and more than that very often. Of the books I didn’t read, I get to the circle of life. There is also a shelf with books that I have been given by the authors themselves, and it is in alphabetical order, which is really a as well As anything.”

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