Father and daughter drove all 49 Disney World rides in 1 day

A father and daughter completed a challenge of the drive from all 49 of Disney World rides in one day


Father-daughter time is different for every family, but the quality of your time probably can’t beat spending 17 hours in Walt Disney World.

A Disney-loving father who goes by Kenny the Pirate online, and his daughter, Jordyn, has started a challenge on 6 December to ride all 47 rides at Disney World in just one day.

Kenny documented the pair’s experience online, and the day seemed to be amazingly fun, and that is very tiring.

— (@thepiratekenny) December 6, 2017

According to Kenny, the two focused to start the day at 5 pm, but accidentally slept until 5:35 am, While they hoped to get to the park at 6 am, by a miracle, they managed to get into the line of my 6:30 a.m. and were still among the first to arrive.

At 7:45 pm they were in the park and in line for their first ride, Avatar: the Flight of the Passage. The clock starts ticking here.

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The challenge itself was created by the website Parkeology, officially called the WDW47 (that is Walt Disney World 47, for the 47 rides) challenge. On the Parkeology website, anyone who decides to take on the challenge can report their times and link to their social media accounts.

Throughout the day, Kenny and Jordin successfully rode every ride with their Fast Passes and park hopping app is developed by Kenny himself called Character Locator. The app creates tour plans for people to optimize their experience in Disney World, helping them find characters, giving them riding tips, and making schedules.

Kenny and Jordin driven rides both big and small, Splash Mountain and the Tower of Terror to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Toy Story Midway Mania – Jordyn and I have time together and to win a free Disney cruise by having a high score on a Disboards party!@parkeology #wdw47 Ride 25

— (@thepiratekenny) December 6, 2017

After about 17 hours, the father of a daughter and completed the challenge at 12:35 pm of the 15 teams entered that day, only four teams finished the challenge a whole. A day in the park is a lot more difficult than we thought.

Kenny and Jordin the full experience can be found on Kenny’s website and Twitter page.

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