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Reducing fat the non-surgical way works by using specialized equipment to be able to generate a controlled damage to smaller amounts of excess body fat. However, in case an excessive amount of body fat is destroyed in any specific area, it increases the possibilities of scarring.

Presently there are quite a few treatments which can help to reduce excess body fat. A rather new advancement, non-surgical liposuction procedure is a non-invasive ‘fat reduce’ treatment, which will help eliminate unwanted fat cells from different parts of the body.

This procedure is based on cutting down excessive body fat by using a wide variety of techniques which eliminate the fat cells with the help of non-invasive ultrasonic treatment, laser devices and also injection of certain chemical compounds.

Who can be Considered Perfect for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?
If any individual possesses highly constrained regional fat deposits on his / her abdominal area, flanks or perhaps back, they can be deemed as an ideal candidate for non-surgical fat reduction.

The different non surgical treatments available today:

Topical Ointments & Creams: 
Topical ointments are obtainable on prescription and could be utilized on the surface of the skin on the areas where the excess body fat needs to be reduced. The ointments or creams get soaked up by the skin and function by way of breaking down the walls of fat cells followed by dissolving the content. The dissolved fat is then eliminated from the body through urine.

Heat Therapy: 
This is a very simple treatment which involves strapping a heating device around the areas that needs contouring. The heat caused as a result of low frequency radio waves that come from the device results in the skin to contract and reduces wrinkles. However, this particular treatment cannot be used in order to get rid of significant amounts of fat.

Lipodissolve Therapy:
Lipodissolve also called injection lipolysis is a process which involves the use of injections which contain proteins, enzymes as well as some other drug combinations which collectively break down the fat cells present within the body. This procedure remains a controversial procedure with the Food and Drug Administration. It has not yet been approved by the FDA since it is still under trial and analysis.

Vibration Therapy: 
This treatment is quite similar to non surgical liposuction treatments. Vibration therapy functions by way of stimulating the walls of the cells, firming as well as rejuvenating the collagen so that it becomes supple and properly shaped.

Laser Treatments: 
Laser procedures such as Accent Ultra, SmartLipo and Zerona provide results that are quite similar to what can be achieved using conventional liposuction treatments. The treatment procedure is almost pain free and requires minimum downtime as compared to other conventional treatments.

Laser devices give off laser beams that are of a tuned frequency. These beams penetrate the skin and lead to breaking down of fat cells. Following this, the broken down fat content in the spaces between the cells are then passed out through urine. Even though this is a completely new non surgical treatment procedure for liposuction and clinical studies for the same are still in progress, laser liposuction can be the defacto standard in the near future for non surgical liposuction treatments.

Laser procedures for fat reduction require very little turn around time. The procedure does not involve any kind of surgical procedures and there is almost no pain or bleeding at all. It is regarded as an extremely effective treatment for achieving desired results. A lot of these methods do not demand any recuperation time in anyway. This non invasive treatment does not lead to any unwanted side effects and there are absolutely no risk factors that are associated with the standard surgical treatments.

Some advantages of laser treatment for fat removal:
• Laser treatment provides permanent reduction of fat cells
• Laser procedure offers overall enhancement to body shape
• The treatment is almost pain free and without side effects
• The treatment causes minimal scarring
• Laser treatment is a simple and extremely safe procedure
• Laser treatment also tightens the skin around the area of treatment in addition to reducing fat
• The treatment is less traumatic as comparison to other surgical treatments

This treatment has been quite widely used for non-surgical liposuction procedures throughout Europe and Southern America for many years. It is a treatment procedure which provides patient’s with the effects that any conventional liposuction procedures offers, but without any surgical procedure involved. Not only does it prove beneficial for the purpose of getting rid of excess fat, it additionally reduces cellulite as well. This treatment involves injecting small doses of certain medications, amino acids and also other holistic ingredients for the purpose of dissolving the fat cells. After the treatment, the body starts to absorb the melted fat cells and later eliminates them as waste content. The needles that are used for the procedure are extremely tiny and as a result of that, the procedure is almost pain free.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction:
• It treats unwanted fat deposits of the stomach area, flanks, back area as well as the thighs
• There is no need for any incisions
• Treatment causes minimal discomfort
• Minimal risk of damage to skin
• Treats all skin types
• Minimal or no recovery time needed

Considerations while Opting for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction:
• Non-surgical fat reduction is suitable only for a limited volume of fat on the stomach area, flanks, back area and thighs
• It is not a weight reduction treatment
• It might need multiple treatment sessions in order to achieve optimum results

How Long will it Take for Recovery?
Non-surgical fat reduction usually requires minimal recovery time. For a majority of patients, daily routines can be resumed soon after the procedure is completed.

Are There any Side Effects or Scarring Following Treatment?
Some patients may experience redness of the skin, momentary swelling or temporary numbness on the area of treatment. There is very little chance of scarring following the procedure.

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