Fat Burning

The most effective and the only proven mode of treatment for the reduction of fats from localized parts of body is ultrasound method. It can be used effectively for fat reduction in patients for getting a smaller circumference of body and for achieving a well defined contour of body. It is very efficient for prolonged and long term inch loss of fats. It is a very precise therapy and is being used for producing images of internal body structure. Ultrasound technology is a non-invasive therapy for fat reduction and is entirely painless.

The treatment does not have any down time and patients can resume the normal daily functions immediately after the treatment. Since the therapy is non-invasive, there is no scarring after the procedure.

Use of ultrasound technology for fat loss treatment by non-surgical method uses several pulses of ultrasound that help in melting away the fat cells selected for the treatment. Also, the procedure does not cause any harm to the surrounding normal tissue of body.

The therapy involves use of ultrasound waves with high precision. It leaves the surrounding skin and other tissues unaffected. The procedure targets the fatty layers of skin that forcibly makes the fat cells release embedded triglycerides. These triglycerides are then processed naturally by the fat burning mechanism of body. The fat cells that are left empty due to this later shrink and are expelled from the body as tissue waste. This results in reduction of fats in the part that is treated leading to noticeable loss in body circumference by atleast an inch.

The parts of the body that are commonly treated by this therapy are waist, arm dewlaps, hips, thighs and stomach.

Patient does not have to change his or her lifestyle to enjoy the advantages of this weight loss therapy. It is well known that several other weight loss treatments involve huge commitments in terms of money and time. Patients can avoid these inconveniences by undergoing fat reduction by ultrasound therapy in which they can get the treatment done at any time as per their convenience with the help of a handheld device of ultrasound therapy. They can even get the therapy done for themselves at their own home.

In short, ultrasonic or ultrasound treatment for fat reduction, inch loss, body contouring and weight loss is a best mode of therapy for patients who want to achieve slimming in a painless, non-invasive, discrete and scar-less manner. The therapy has no recovery time. Most importantly, this therapy is highly effective and produces excellent results. 

Weight loss treatment with ultrasound method is meant for people who wish to get rid of belly fat or stretch marks. It is also beneficial for individuals who desire to increase their metabolic rate. Money-wise patients who understand the importance of right expenditure of money at the right place can take benefits of this therapy. Those who appreciate the beauty of life should avail the benefits of this therapy to lose fats. They can enjoy life in the best way after taking help from this mode of treatment.

The therapy can be finished in very less time. It takes less than one hour for patients to get the treatment done for fat reduction. Also, the procedure does not involve use of anesthesia. During the therapy, a handpiece is simply glided over the part to be treated. This handheld deceive emits ultrasound waves over the skin. The depth of penetration of these waves needs to be determined before the therapy. 

Patients can resume their regular activities immediately after the session. Results of the treatment are noticeable after 3 sessions of the therapy. These sessions need to be spaced at an interval of 2 weeks. Patients can enjoy a healthy and slim body after the procedure. 

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