Farmers ‘ union: ‘2016 one of the most lamentabele years for arable farming’

Although the year is not over yet, it is clear that 2016 is one of the most lamentabele years ever for agriculture. That sets the Line in her magazine “the Farmer and the Gardener’.

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The Line refers to the as a result of the bad weather conditions – cold and wet spring, dry and hot autumn – highly disappointing harvests for different crops. The organization also expects that this probably will not be compensated by higher prices.

Thus the yield of the winter grain and winter wheat 20 to 40 percent lower than last year and also the average quality. From the measurement results by the Bieteninstituut shows that both the weight (15 tonnes/ha less than last year) as the sugar content of the beets (9,1 versus 10,1 tonnes per ha on average in the last ten years) is much lower.

In some regions, went on a lot of plots through the rainfall in may and June, the potato is completely lost. The opbrengstraming is 10 percent lower than the five-year average, while there is however a larger acreage planted.

Also the maïsteelt this year is certainly not on the same level, according to the Farmers union. The smaller crop will not be compensated by higher prices. For cereals the price is determined by the world market. It is not expected that the price for cereals is still deeper valleys, but there are certainly no high price increases in the offing.

In the potato cultivation are the prices for a large piece of contractually fixed, and does a disappointing yield automatically a low income. On the free market is the aardappelprijs currently higher, but the drought is now barely up. Because the world market for sugar is good, there may be a subsequent payment for sugar beet.

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