Farmer Bertie after Expedition Robinson won’t be on tv

Farmer Bertie after Expedition Robinson won’t be on tv

Bertie Sturgeon, better known as farmer Bertie, disappears after the finale of Expedition Robinson for the time being in television.

“Now it’s just been lovely,” says the woman in the AD. Sturgeon takes over the Thursday night in the final against Dutch rapper Dio and ex-cyclist Thomas Dekker.

“I do not see myself as a presenter, and not at all in a reality-soap”, says Sturgeon about the lack of televisieambities. “I do not believe that my life was so exciting.”

After Farmer wants a wife was Sturgeon it is difficult to deal with the many attention that the program her lap. There, she has now less painful, she explains in The Telegraph. “I have the ratings of Expedition Robinson in advance or just googled. That were a lot lower than that of Farmer wants a wife.”

For that reason, thought Sturgeon that the attention for her participation would be easy, but that was according to her. “It’s a long quiet been because I afvallerseiland was, but since the semi-finals is the attention significantly more.”

The survivaltips of Expedition Robinson-finalists Dio and Bertie

Dj Bertie

Back home in Zeeland stepped Sturgeon “on the tractor” and behind the turntables. Although they do not want to continue on television, Expedition Robinson Sturgeon more dj work completed.

The 42-year-old woman is soon to be booked through the office of Kraantje Pappie. He did this year also contributed to the survivalprogramma and is a good friend of JayJay Boske, with whom Sturgeon for weeks on afvallerseiland sat.

A career move is the dj and not, says the woman in The Telegraph. “It’s something I already very long do. The last year has been the less, it was busier on the farm.”

The farmer already has a number of great performances behind the back and in the future are planned. “I have last year on Valifest stood. On christmas eve, I’m in Renesse run.”

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