Famke Janssen wanted to typecasting in career always avoid

Famke Janssen is to say always been afraid of typecasting, also for her role of the femme fatale character in the James Bond film GoldenEye.

Before the role of Xenia Onatopp in the 007 movie has taken, it was Janssen doing it is not getypecast to be, she says in interview with FoxNews.

“Before I am an actress, I was a model. I wanted to from the stereotype of model-actress come by at the highlight of my career to go to university. I then went back to acting with a clean slate to start with.”

Just then came the 54-year-old Dutch actress for stereotype-challenges. After her role in GoldenEye has the The Blacklist-the actress numerous similar roles is chopped off so that the type character not to her would stick.

“I wanted nothing to do with guns,” she says. “I think people me as a weird foreigner saw, they could me not really places and found my name weird. I am therefore going to focus on the most American of roles that I could come up with.”

After James Bond established actress small roles

Janssen focused since then on small roles to have more stories to tell. In 2000, the actress Jean Grey in the X-Men movies. She remained the face of the superhero in each of the follow-up movie to 2014.

“It is funny and interesting to see how I myself of the type of character to try to dissociate, but still in one way or another seek back catapulted word. But the roles have me also huge successes.”

Famke Janssen wants to own movies never look back

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